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Jason Vale’s #1 best selling plans transformed into 11 apps. Recipes, Coaching Videos, Shopping Lists – All at the touch of a button!

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28-Day Juice Diet App

The Super Juice Me! Challenge

not rated £4.99
Juice & Blend App

The Best Of Juice & Blends

not rated £4.99
Super Blend Me! App

Brand New Blending Plan

not rated £4.99
7-Day Juice Diet App

The Original Juice Diet

not rated £3.99
3-Day Juice Diet App

A Perfect Quick Fix

not rated £1.99
5-Day Juice Diet App

The Most Effective Juice Plan

not rated £2.99
5:2 Juice Diet App

The Perfect Follow On Plan

not rated £2.99
Soup ‘N’ Juice Diet App

Perfect For The Winter Months

not rated £3.99
Super Fast Food App

Over 100 Healthy Recipes

not rated £4.99