6th – 12th January

Make 2020 Your 20/20 Vision!

7 Plans, 7 Days, 7 Ways To Kickstart 2020!

All you need is an app and you’re good to go!

Join Jason and the entire juicy community from the 6th – 12th January 2020 for what promises to be the BIGGEST online juicing event of the year. There’s no better way to slim down and shape up after the festive season, than with Jason’s Big January Juice Challenge. Got your attention? Watch this short video from Jason, for full details on how to get involved!

Pick ‘Your’ Plan

Pick ‘Your’ Plan

We’re giving you free rein to pick the Jason Vale plan that works for you. Want to follow the most famous juice plan of all time? Then it’s the 7-Day Juice Diet! Don’t have a juicer? It’s Super Blend Me! all the way. Want the best of both juices and blends? The Juice ‘n’ Blend plan is most definitely for you (and the one Jason himself will be following!) Simply pick your plan from the plethora on offer, get the app and join us on Jan 6th.

Apps – Only 1.99 For A Limited Time!

The apps contain all the recipes, shopping lists & everything you need to join in. And they all include coaching specific to the plan you’re doing, so you know you’ll get the best support.


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Get It Delivered

7-Day Diet Special Offer

£10 OFF + FREE DELIVERY (worth £9.99)

Get It Delivered

7-Day Diet Special Offer

£10 OFF + FREE DELIVERY (worth £9.99)

Free standard UK mainland delivery (worth £9.99) available on all diets delivered on or between Friday 27th Dec 2019 & Friday 10th Jan 2020. £10 OFF only applies to orders of the 7-Day Juice Diet delivered on or between Friday 27th Dec 2019 & Friday 10th Jan 2020.

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*Terms and conditions apply

Get Your Chosen Plan Delivered

If your not doing the 7-Day plan above, then choose below your preferred option if your going to make it easy on yourself and get it delivered! FREE standard delivery on all plans delivered on or between Friday 27th Dec 2019 & Friday 10th Jan 2020.


Juice Diet

Based on the Keeping It Simple Book



Juice Diet

Based on the 5 Day Challenge Book



Juice Diet

Based on The 7-Day Challenge Book



Super Juice Me!

Based on the Super Juice Me! book


10 DAY

Super Blend Me!

Based on the Super Blend Me! Book


*Free standard UK mainland delivery (worth £9.99) only. May not be used in conjunction with any other offer, voucher or product. Limited to 1 voucher use per customer and subject to availability.

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Through his tried and tested diet plans, Jason has been helping people from far and wide to regain their health. To see what incredible results are yours for the taking, hit the button below!

Got Everything You Need?

Have you got everything you need ready for the Big January Juice Challenge?

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The Jason Vale Podcast

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On the Jason Vale Podcast, you’ll find a nice blend of movers and shakers in the health, addiction and fitness world, plus a cheeky pinch of celebrity. They’ll be plenty of lively debates, a healthy dose of humour and food for thought.

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