7 Plans – 7 Days

7 Ways To Kickstart Your 2019!

Welcome to Day 1 of Jason Vale’s Big Juice Challenge. Can you believe over 100,000 people from over a 100 countries are taking part this week! Whatever plan you are following, one thing’s for certain – we’ll all be feeling a million times better by the end of it!

Don’t forget to join us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter throughout the week. 

Pick A Plan – Get The App – Join In!

If you are hearing about the Big Juice Challenge for the first time, it’s not too late to join in. 

We’ve made it even easier for you to Super-Juice, Super-Blend or Super-Food yourself back to health – and back into those jeans!

Simply pick the Jason Vale plan that works best for you, get the app and get going! We’ve slashed the price of all apps to 99p (but only until midnight on Sunday!) so there really isn’t a better time to get app appy!


The apps contain all the recipes, shopping lists & everything you need to join in. And they all include coaching specific to the plan you’re doing, so you know you’ll get the best support.


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Make It Easy – Get It Delivered

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Got Everything You Need?

Whether it’s a new juicer, blender or some super supps to boost your juices. We’ve got everything over in the Juice Master shop. Happy shopping!


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Exclusive Video Content

Of course, Jason will be right there with you all the way! Yes the Juice Master himself will be filming daily videos to keep you motivated and entertained throughout the 7 days!

Connect On Social

The Juice Master team and global juicy community will be right there with you throughout the Big Juice Challenge, so be sure to come and hang out on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for that extra bit of interaction and motivation.