With Jason’s 7-Day Big Juice Challenge

The Big Juice Challenge has officially started! Yes indeed, from now until 12th July 2020 Jason and thousands of others from around the world are shaking off Lockdown by following the first 7 days of his incredibly effective Super Juice Me! Diet.

The good news is, it’s not too late to get involved! Simply download the app or a copy of the eBook, get the shopping and get started! Jason and the juicy team will be on FaceBook and Instagram throughout the week, so come and join us!

This promises to be the BIGGEST online juicing challenge we’ve ever done, and we’d love you to be part of it. In the meantime, this is the exclusive Day 1 coaching video from Jason, for your viewing pleasure.

Get The App!


To make sure everyone can join in with the world’s largest juicing extravaganza, we’ve massively reduced the Super Juice Me! Juice Diet app to just £1.99. On there you’ll find the full 28-day plan (although we’re only following the first 7 days as part of the Big Juice Challenge), all the recipes,’how to make’ videos, shopping lists and plenty of coaching to keep you on track!



Jason Vale’s Super Juice Me! 28-Day Plan book features everything you need to succeed on the plan including: the entire program, a 28-day journal to track your progress (paperback book), all the psychology for success, shopping lists, FAQ’s and Much More …


Or eBook!

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£10 OFF + FREE DELIVERY* (worth £9.99)

If you don’t fancy shopping, making the juices or cleaning up afterwards and if you live in the UK or Ireland, then Juice Master Delivered have got you covered!

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£10 OFF and FREE DELIVERY* on all 7-Day Super Juice Me Diets ordered on or between Thu 25th June – Sun 12th July 2020.

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It’s All About The Results

“If you’re doing this for weight loss, then the average person will drop roughly 1lb a day on Jason’s juice plans. If you’re doing this for health, then try his 7 Day Super Juice Me! For Summer Challenge and you won’t believe how good you feel come the morning of day 8!”


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Jon Gabriel

Jon Gabriel

Cherie Calbom

Cherie Calbom

James Colquhoun

James Colquhoun

Charlotte Gershon

Charlotte Gershon

Malcolm Kendrick

Malcolm Kendrick

Dr Erin Leigh Connelly

Erin Leigh Connelly

The Proof Of The Non-pudding Is In The Juicing

Started at 85kg and on day 28 I am 75.9kg!

“I started this journey to help me lose weight, as a result it seems that I have not needed my asthma pump or preventer puffer since I started the Super Juice Me! plan… This has been the best thing I’ve ever done and also the hardest thing I’ve ever done, I can’t wait to see what I feel and look like after a second round of Super Juice Me!”


Got Everything You Need?

Two things you’ll definitely need for this challenge are a juicer AND blender!

Juice Master Cold Press

£229.99 £299.99

Juice Master Super Blend

£179.99 £399.99

SOS! Berry Boost Bars

£12.00 £16.80


Insulated Juice Flask



The Jason Vale Podcast

All episodes – Free to listen!

On the Jason Vale Podcast, you’ll find a nice blend of movers and shakers in the health, addiction and fitness world, plus a cheeky pinch of celebrity. They’ll be plenty of lively debates, a healthy dose of humour and food for thought.

We’re All In This Together!

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