In this latest episode Jason catches up with good friend and Queen of British Soul – It’s the one and only Beverley Knight! Jason caught up with Beverley during her most recent stay at Juicy Oasis; her go-to place to reconnect, rejuvenate and re-energise. Listen now to find out about the daily regime that helps her to stay in such incredible shape and how she fought her way back after major surgery.

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Jason Vale: It’s the Jason Vale podcast, everybody! Okay. Whether you’re driving, cooking dinner, you might be out running, I don’t know, you’re in the gym, you’re lying on a beach, we’re slightly envious if you are, or just simply chilling on your bed, once again, thank you for your company! Now my guest today is one of the world’s truly rare talents. She was awarded an MBE from the Queen for services to music, performed on Band Aid 20 Christmas single. She starred in West End shows and even jumped on a private jet with Prince. I can, of course, only be talking of the most famous Knight after K.I.T.T.’s driver, Hasselhoff himself. Yes, it’s Wolverhampton’s own pocket-rocket superstar- it’s Beverley Knight, everybody, come on! Let’s big  it up! A little reference there! I mean, who would’ve thought we’d get a reference in to Knightrider? I mean all those years ago with Mr. Hasselhoff, there you go. Ah, thank you Beverley, for coming. And this is such an honour to, to say the least. This is on the back of, we were just talking just before we started recording. Literally this morning, so it was quite fortuitous. You’ve just literally, in the last few days, been on BBC Radio 2. You’re on there a lot. You were on there with Zoe Ball.  Now, I’ve heard you perform several times and you always, to overuse a phrase, cause goosebumps, it’s always tingly, to say the very least! What I saw on BBC Radio 2, the Zoe Ball Show and Jeff… just to give you a…This is on the back of, we were just talking just before we started recording. Literally this morning, so it was quite fortuitous. You’ve just literally, in the last few days, been on BBC Radio 2. You’re on there a lot. You were on there with Zoe Ball.  Now, I’ve heard you perform several times and you always, to overuse a phrase, cause goosebumps, it’s always tingly, to say the very least! What I saw on BBC Radio 2, the Zoe Ball Show and Jeff… just to give you a… Jeff Goldblum – find the clip. You have to! Jeff Goldblum was there in the studio. He must’ve seen everything. He’s been around for God knows how many years! He is dumbstruck as he’s listening to this, and I’ve only seen a clip. And I understand, cause I was talking to James, your hubby, as well, and even he said it was extra special. It’s always special. But how did you feel about when you do something like that? Did you feel, yeah,  that was special?

Beverley Knight: We turned up at Radio 2 and all we could think of was, God, it’s early! It’s early to be singing. It’s really early, we’re doing four songs. I was excited cause I knew Jeff Goldblum would be there, and Himesh Patel, and the lovely man who won ‘(The Great British) Bake Off’, lovely David!   I knew it would be a nice atmosphere, but it’s hard to try and get people going in the mornings! So I thought, well, we’ve just got to have banger after banger and then everybody will wake up! And  traditionally on that show you’ve got to do a cover, at the end. And so I thought, right, okay, Rolling Stone’s ‘Satisfaction’, ‘cause I love that song. Love the Stones. And, you know, we rehearsed it a couple of times, but just there was just a really great energy in the room and you feed off the energy.

Jason Vale: There’s got to be a call for that to be released. There’s got to, honestly, I kid you not, cause it’s not just a normal version of it. Did you do, ‘cause I need to look at all of it now, ‘cause I only found it this morning, but is it ‘Come As You Are’?

Beverley Knight: I did my song, ‘Come As You Are’, I did ‘Should-a Would-a Could-a’, I did the single, the current single ‘Now or Never’, and then I did the Rolling Stones’ ‘Satisfaction’.

Jason Vale: The current single is off ‘BK 25’, presumably. Right.  And that represents 25 years in the music business. And you’re not slowing down. In fact, actually, I would strongly say if anything, it’s almost like  there’s a new surgence of Beverley Knight coming around. You’ve always been around, you’ve always been very present.

Beverley Knight: Always done my thing, yeah.

Jason Vale: Are you doing something differently? Do you want to really make an even more of a bang because you’ve been 25 years in the business – what –  there seems to be something different here?

Beverley Knight: I kind of said, okay, 25 years, this album’s put a line underneath that 25 years and said, yay, that was great! And now the Lambo needs to go into seventh gear! That’s how I see it. So the next 25 years are going to be supersonic. That’s my mindset.

Jason Vale: You’re at full pelt right now. And on that level, because obviously, fundamentally, this is a health and fitness podcast, kind of, but it’s also delving into some kind of positive mental health too. ‘Cause you know, in order for you to do what you’ve done over the last  25 years, you need a particular mindset.There’s no question that, I mean, and to be able to get up and continue to do… and the level that you do it at.  I mean, I don’t know whether you keep your age a secret or anything else like that?

Beverley Knight: No, no, no!

Jason Vale: I mean, do you want to tell everybody?

Beverley Knight: At this current moment, I am 46 years of age!

Jason Vale: Now listen, if you will, you’ll see Bev’s picture because you might be listening from Instagram or whatever the case is. There’s just no way that you are! And it’s not just, it’s not just that, but it’s not. It’s not just how you look, but it’s, I always think, age is an energy. I call age as an energy. Nothing else, age is an energy. If age was an energy, right, you’re 18! There’s no question, right. Now I believe that purpose gives you a lot of that, but purpose can only drive you so far before actually age will catch up, and you burn out. So your health and fitness plays a huge part in your everyday life?

Beverley Knight: Absolutely. The whole idea of age being an energy is so correct for a start. And the health and the fitness is the bedrock for what I do. If I didn’t have really good health, if I wasn’t in the best shape, I can be, all the time. And you know, physically if I didn’t maintain my fitness, I’d be in all kinds of trouble, you cannot maintain a schedule without it.

Jason Vale: You can’t, I agree. You can’t drive your car at the pace it was designed to do, unless you put the right fuel in. The ambition that you have, if anybody reached even a 10th of what you’ve achieved so far, they’d probably go, hey, I made it!  I’m done! But your ambition level is so high, so global, it’s so there and this is why you’re so strict on your diet and exercise. And you are, and you’re very regimental. And it does help because, of course, your husband, James, who I know really well as well, he’s incredibly regimental. It helps the fact that he’s one of the best looking guys I’ve ever seen! I hate him. Right?  But it pays off. You can see that. You can see, but, and it must help that both of you, cause if one of you wasn’t and this that and the other, but you’re, both of you, are into your diet and exercise, which I think must help. So what’s a day in the life of Beverly Knight? Right. A good day, I mean, we all have our little moments! On average? When you’re – an average day, wake up, you know, what’s your routine? Cause people will go, do you know what? I just want to model. Sometimes it’s, it’s, rather than invent your own tune,  actually if I model Bev I’m going to have a bit of energy!

Beverley Knight: You know, wake up. Pint of water straight in the mouth. Got to be done!

Jason Vale: You say got to be done. A lot of people don’t know that, but to flush the system out, as soon as you wake up is one the best pieces, weirdly of, I call it nutrition advice – there’s no nutrition in water, nutrition advice. It’s so you do that. The first thing , do you add lemon to it or anything like that?

Beverley Knight: because I’ve got the little…

Jason Vale: Look at the size of your water bottle!

Beverley Knight: Got to have a little bit of water by the bedside table, whatever. Get that down. We have our little, uh, kind of, um. Amino acid, mineral kind of little shot thing, like a…

Jason Vale: Do you add that to the water? Okay, like what’s in there?

Beverley Knight: Minerals, amino acids and algaes and all that good stuff. I have a lovely probiotic as well that I take. You know, there’s a there’s a range of supplements.

Jason Vale: And do you eat and then exercise, or exercise then eat?

Beverley Knight: Oh, I  like to exercise when I’m on a fasted state. I like to just go in. There’ll be heavyweights, there’ll be high intensity as well. Heavyweights are really important now I’m, you know, in my mid to later forties,

Jason Vale: That’s a really good point that you make. Just, I don’t think enough is said about the different decades that we go through the different requirements of the human body. And I haven’t been into weights. I wish I was, but I know now I’ve turned 50, I have to be now, you know, this is a thing and I am, I’m more than aware of that. But when you’re first starting for those listening, and I think, well, I better get into weights now, would you say, don’t go mental on the first day cause you can’t move for five days after?

Beverley Knight: Oh my God. And then you’ll be like, Oh, forget it. And then of course, all the great energy and, and all the great intention just drops off!

Jason Vale: It does. I – I go mad. Cause of course when you haven’t done weights for a while, it’s like when you haven’t run for a while, you can pick up and you think, oh this is fantastic. I can do this, I can. And then literally for next three, four days I think, well who would ever put themselves through this pain!

Beverley Knight: You can’t! You can’t! But it’s so important to have heavy weights to promote the testosterone levels.

Jason Vale: You do your weights, and then what? Breakfast thereafter?

Beverley Knight: And then I will eat at some point after. Get some form of protein down me, like a protein shake or something like that. But a first proper meal, it can go from, you know, sometime past… earliest past 11, right, the way through to maybe 2 or something.

Jason Vale: ‘Cause you’ve satisfied the body isn’t it? That’s what people don’t understand is that most people are overfed and undernourished. But when you’ve genuinely given the body what it actually needs, which is why you’re not… your body’s not craving something more because it’s already been fed. So by two o’clock you think, well actually I’ll tap into that now and get something else.

Beverley Knight: Yeah, well, now I’ll have something.

Jason Vale: And then do you do lunch?

Beverley Knight: so it’ll be… it might be what people would consider to be breakfast, to me, breakfast, lunch, whatever. It’s just about breaking that fast is so important. You’ve got to break it correctly. So I’m not going to put a load of carbohydrates, spike my insulin levels, and you know, my blood sugars go all over the place. I make sure break it with a good protein, lots and lots of great veg, something raw, as well. I quite like, um, sauerkraut. I quite like that. And,  some clean fish and, you know, veggies

Jason Vale: I’ve been out with you quite a few times. You and James and everything else. And I’ve seen how… strict is the wrong word, because actually it’s your lifestyle, so it’s wrong to say that it’s, but you’re very conscious of this. And I know personally that because some people say, this is what I do, and then they don’t. I know for a fact, Beverley does this to the letter. There’s no question. Alcohol doesn’t really play any part in your life. And it’s all of these things that add up to the amount of energy that you have. Now, I first met Bev, just to give you some history here, many years ago, I was running a retreat in Turkey, not our current mountain retreat, it was one that we used to hire, had its own private island. We didn’t own it. And she came along with her then non-husband James  this was a long time ago…It has so much meaning for me that particular week.

Beverley Knight: That week was special.

Jason Vale: When you think of how many thousands of weeks we’ve run since.  It is still to this day, I would say the most memorable week we’ve had for a few reasons. My mum was there. . I didn’t know Bev at the time, I couldn’t believe that Beverley Knight was coming, I was beside myself. But I was, I really was! I was like, Oh my God! But at the end of the week, there were a few people there that had said, Oh my God, Beverley Knight’s here this, that, and the other. And, But of course, nobody, why would anybody – you’re on holiday? You, you need a break. Nobody had asked you to sing.  Of course, everybody secretly thought, wouldn’t it be the best kind of degree of magic on planet Earth? But I remember you getting up on that final night and it made my mom’s week. I mean, that’s why it’s so important as well. And for me and ‘Gold’, if you haven’t listened to Beverley Knight’s track ‘Gold’, which is one of my favorite, I mean, it’s hard to pick your favorite, but the words are beautiful  in that song, and  you sang, I think about four or five tracks, actually, acapella, which I mean, who does that? But you a capella is better than you with music. I mean, it’s almost like it’s interfering with the main instrument, you know? Genuinely, I don’t do false flattery at all. And when you started singing that and you changed the words of ‘Gold’, and you put my name in, and I was crying like a puppy. And then we fast forward to literally a couple of months ago, at Juicy Oasis now, and again, at the end of the week  we did 80s spin and you went, I just feeling the mood to sing!  I went, don’t let me stop you. And then literally at the going home talk, and the clip’s on my Instagram for anybody who wants to look at that, the people were dumbstruck, and then you had to leave. You were like, I’m just gonna do this! I mean, genuinely incredible. So that’s, that’s how I’ve got to know Beverley over the years. And I thought I knew her. And then what happens is, just before I do a podcast is that, we just kind of Google or whatever the case is, just have a little look, and I don’t look at it before I do a podcast. Yeah. And then I started looking through as we’re speaking now and everything, I’m thinking, so when I was writing the intro, and bear this in mind, 1 million albums, you know, three MOBO awards,  everything that you’ve done 25 years, everything else. You’ve achieved so much. So 1998, right? So you were at the Jazz Cafe. Okay. Somebody popped into your dressing room?

Beverley Knight: David Bowie walked in with Iman and Joe, who was young, very young at the time. And I remember I was on stage and I was singing and I was doing my thing. And I look up and I see this absolutely stunning woman, like ridiculously stunning woman, standing on a chair in the Jazz Cafe balcony waving her arms going mad, and I’m like, that looks like Iman. That’s David Bowie. Ey? And so I’m like, right, okay. So I’ve got back into my, yeah, got back, I go back into my performance, and then at the end, you know, dressing room, and the Jazz Cafe dressing rooms back then was horrible. Knock on the door, in walks David Bowie,  casual, like. And I’m like, Oh my God, it’s David Bowie, and we just have a lovely chat about music and he’s so nice about my voice and everything.

Jason Vale: And of course he was the first to refer to you, wasn’t he, as little Aretha at the time? You’re so humble. You underplay everything. I think obviously your upbringing in Wolverhampton plays a huge part in that. You’re so humble. You underplay everything. I think obviously your upbringing in Wolverhampton plays a huge part in that. You give back a lot to it, to Wolverhampton. You mentioned Wolverhampton a lot. It is your, is your home, you feel at home when you’re there, and you’ve recently done, I mean, I’m going to push people now listening to this podcast, to another podcast. So it’s the, Paracelus, it’s spelled P.A.R.A.C.E.L.U.S Recovery. Paracelus Recovery podcast is about mental health. And you were invited on, to talk about mental health. ‘Cause for those don’t know Beverley, lost her father and various other aspects throughout her life. ‘Cause mental health is just as important as physical health.

Beverley Knight: So, it was myself and James, my husband, and  both of us spoke in detail about our fathers who both had mental health issues. And both of us have lost our fathers: James, when he was really young and me, nine years ago. It was great. It was cathartic. It was really, really brilliant. And when they said 10 grand to a charity of your choice, I thought would be really nice to have a local charity. There’s so many charities out there, worthy causes and everything. But I wanted to donate and James and I discussed it and knew  this was the right thing to do. We gave it to a women’s refuge based in Wolverhampton called The Haven. And The Haven takes in women who are fleeing from domestic violence. So you know – them, the children, two o’clock in the morning, they up in the night, run out the door in the clothes they’re in.

Jason Vale: I know, ’cause my mum was battered.

Beverley Knight: Exactly. So you understand just what it means for a woman to have somewhere like that, especially if she’s got a child in tow, to go to and to have some kind of resource  or someone a. who cares, b. who have got some kind of facilities to put them up and c. can help them to build a new life.

Jason Vale: But 10,000 pounds. It must’ve sent them back. They must have gone, are you? They must have cried.

Beverley Knight: They cried. It is a monumental sum of money for a for a charity, which is, you know, local, not, not these NGOs or that kind of thing. It all went to them. That’s the point. Every single penny went to them and we knew the work that they would do. Cause . Being to visit the Haven, you know, they’ve got a secret location and everything, and I’ve been to see what they do, how they fund these women, and the, the toys and the, the clothes that people locally will donate and all of that.  And I just thought, this is wonderful!

Jason Vale: And do you ever sometimes think that, you might not have, I don’t know, do you ever sometimes think that your work just, in general, I say work, obviously it’s your hobby or your passion. I think you do that. I mean, if nobody paid you a penny to ever do anything again, you’d sing all day long!

Beverley Knight: I do. All day long, drive people mad!

Jason Vale: I don’t think you drive them mad .I think without question, that’s what you’re born to do. But talking about mental health as well, have you ever thought about that actually, cause music, I, I genuinely believe that like exercise, I think music and exercise, especially combined, I think in terms of lifting somebody from a fog, that, even by themselves  are great, but some music literally can take you from winter to spring, at least, if not summer. And are you conscious of that when you’re, when you’re writing sometimes or whatever?

Beverley Knight: I’m completely conscious of it. When I lost my best friend Tyrone in 2003  he had the advanced stages of HIV, and then he got one of the horrible illnesses and that sadly he died of,  it was music that enabled me to pull myself back together and keep going. And then I wrote the album ‘Affirmation’ very much with Tyrone in mind. And then when dad died, we literally sang our way through the moment of his death on the 10th of September 2010 up to the funeral, and during the funeral, and at the grave side when the last bit of earth was put on top. We sang our way through it.I say we, because I come from a very musical family.

Jason Vale: Yeah. My family couldn’t have sang their way through it. I’ll tell you that now

Beverley Knight: I mean, we, we sang all the way through. That was how we got through.

Jason Vale: So strange, so strange. It was almost a year to the day I lost my mom and you lost your dad. It was a funny, it’s a funny old time, to say the least, and it’s just, and I do remember every time September hits, I’m very conscious of obviously my mom’s passing 10 years ago, but also it’d be, I immediately become very conscious of it. There’s always something around in this, in the September thing. Before Juicy Oasis opened, and building, it was no easy feat. It was so, so hard, so stressful. So, but what I used to do, I’d stay in this very run down B&B over the road while it was being built  and it was hard to say the least. I remember one morning in particular, I was not good. I was not in a good place, right, mate. I was just like stressed. I  put on my headphones. I thought I’d go for a run, it’s a beautiful environment, it’s by the river, Do Zêzere, and I remember, I thought, you know, I’m gonna put a bit of Bev on, right? And I just remember it was your rendition of ‘Take Another Little Piece of My Heart’. And I remember, I mean it sounds corny now, but I remember I was, I was crying a little bit during it and I was just running around and all of a sudden it lifted me cause I just went, actually this doesn’t matter how stressed you are, look at this, what you are about to build, what you’re about to do this. And of course hearing your voice reminded me of the retreat that we hired.  And everything else. But of course you had your health challenge. Last year – it was a huge health challenge. And it’s indiscriminate indiscriminately and this is the point and that that came along and hit somebody who is very healthy, you know, already.

Beverley Knight: Yeah. I think it’s important that people know, and just some of my thoughts on it. So I had uterine fibroids. So I had these great big, benign masses growing in my uterus, in my womb. I mean massive, like the size of oranges, So I had a, you know, a nice little collection of oranges sitting in my uterus!

Jason Vale: How did you know that?

Beverley Knight: They did that with drugs. Hated it, but that was the case. Then they did all the examinations, did an ultrasound, and said, you’ve got six huge fibroids. They’re pushing against your urethra. Which is sending the wrong messages to your kidney. Which is sending the wrong messages to your brain, which is shooting your blood pressure through the roof. How you haven’t had a stroke, we don’t know? And I’m sitting there like, what the hell? Are you kidding me? Me? I was like, nah, nah, nah, nah, nah. So I had to get myself through, the duration of, starring in ‘The Bodyguard’ cause I didn’t want to not do ‘The Bodyguard’. I was having too much of a good time. But it was a challenge to say the least.  Actually I felt alright when I had the blood pressure through the roof, the minute the drugs were introduced, I felt terrible. Got home, had the operation. Yay. Freedom. Then it was, okay, I’ve got to get myself back. And after the op immediately, I couldn’t even cough, let alone hold a note. So I was like, oh my God, this is really scary. I’ve never in my life not been able to sing or to have the support of my body to sing. I’ve always been able to just sing, you know, when I felt like singing. Luckily James knowing a lot about health, nutrition, wellness together, we were like, we’re going to get through this. So light, air, grounding, getting out, moving, so that I didn’t have the internal scarring as well as the scar that I had, cause it was a total abdominal hysterectomy, so they had to cut me open, not key hole. Seven weeks later, went on holiday just to, you know, recover.

Jason Vale: That holiday helped a lot. You went to the Caribbean?

Beverley Knight: Yeah, went to Turks and Caikos and, by the end of the holiday, I was running, I was swimming just to help my stomach muscles, and then I was running.

Jason Vale: Because I couldn’t believe how ill you were ‘cause you came to I think Juicy Oasis even the week after. was almost some believe that you’d have the operation that you know so recently and everything else. I couldn’t believe what I was saying.

Beverley Knight: That is testament. To having health maintained over right,

Jason Vale: right, sunshine, the right year. Several elements on

Beverley Knight: several elements light air movement, wellness, everything inside of you saying Just sit here and don’t move. Just sit there and don’t move. But of course, that’s when complications sets in. You gotta move And how you know. And now normal.

Jason Vale: Probably better. Probably better than you were before.

Beverley Knight: Yeah, I’ve got this. I call it my little second smile. The scar on DH it’s there. And that just serves to remind me that I am not.

Jason Vale: Yeah, way We’re immortal. Super. Because something like that happens. By the way, in the background, husband James is holding his arms up like he’s never did I dream in a 1,000,000 years, not only would you be coming on to retreat some point, but also at the same time that we’d be here. I needed the Olympic. You mean just reading all this stuff you know, of seventh studio album was so you Can you Paralympic Opening ceremony?

Beverley Knight: knot. That was nuts. That was crazy.

Jason Vale: Is that right? That’s

Beverley Knight: one of the best things ever. did. There’s like 80,000 people there and I’m singing. I’m closing the whole of the opening ceremony. Something in I am what I am on. They’d asked me to do a special vocal arrangement off that song so the crowd could join in something you can go to get 80,000 people to sing, most of which probably are not singers. I’ve got to do something they can sing really easily and then on the night to see that happen in our 80,000 people of joining in singing with me and I I actually vocally arranged this and then I’m like, Hold on a minute. No one billion people the around the world.

Jason Vale: See, that was was also an isil. Hey, I’m here to the world, which is which is where you’re going there, Prince,

Beverley Knight: one of the best things ever. did. There’s like 80,000 people there and I’m singing. I’m closing the whole of the opening ceremony. Something in I am what I am on. They’d asked me to do a special vocal arrangement off that song so the crowd could join in something you can go to get 80,000 people to sing, most of which probably are not singers. I’ve got to do something they can sing really easily and then on the night to see that happen in our 80,000 people of joining in singing with me and I I actually vocally arranged this and then I’m like, Hold on a minute. No one billion people the around the world.

Jason Vale: I do it well. You have a problem with that? You just know if there’s anybody else’s back at my struggle. But

Beverley Knight: he was looking, you know, and he’s playing any Then he leans back in girls, we’re going to do rock steady. Yeah, okay. I’m gonna hand you the Mike Rock steady Aretha Franklin,

Jason Vale: the rock steady crew in Case

Beverley Knight: Booth, the late great Aretha Franklin’s big, funky Young And I’m not Okay, so he hands me the might. The band changed the groove. He’s obviously leading it on DH. I grabbed the mike Me just little me from all ramped up. All these are the winners with their statuettes still in their hands And I’m not rock steady, baby. That’s what I feel now princes on the guitar jamming in the buns behind Well, I’m

Jason Vale: sure I didn’t quite get it. I did. How did it go with you did in the win? Going

Beverley Knight: rock steady, baby. That’s what I feel now that’s called it song exactly what it is and it goes on the way just snippets way sent that. And then he got the crowd to chant my name, which you can imagine ly ridiculous. But the coda to this the postscript to the storey which still blows my mind after that blew my mind more more. So I go back. Teo Ways background singers are singing on. Then I’m aware of someone being led through the crowd to the stage like a makeshift stage where were are and it’s someone being led by someone else. It’s Stevie Wonder. No, Stevie Wonder has led to the stage. He’s taken to the keyboards, which are to my left princes centre. I’m just behind prints on the mic, and then we go to a whole little Stevie Wonder section.

Jason Vale: What? Why wouldn’t you? Actually, recently you have you been touring about Stevie Wonder?

Beverley Knight: And then I did it. I did it all where I was singing the songs of Stevie Wonder. I met him just previous to that me and James and I told him I was doing it. And

Jason Vale: did you think of the party? You’re part of the Austin. You’ve got Stevie Wonder because you thought to yourself that point life can’t get any better. Then you come to juicy Oasis on you suddenly. Really? At that point, you suddenly realise that actually,

Beverley Knight: I say Juicy has been brilliant because there’s so many things that I have gotten myself mentally prepared for us, whether physically prepared while I’ve been a juicy no one knew I was doing the bodyguards. When I first did the bodyguard back in 2013 I had the script while we were around the pool. I was learning my script at the pool, you know, kind of looking, making sure no one could see what it wass. And I

Jason Vale: mean, I know it said, But what? The bodyguard? I wouldn’t have even had a really bad back. And I remember I remember where that was. We went out for dinner after, and it was a case, but it was actually remember going down that that was what I was in so much pain. And I thought I had a back spasm, which I get every now and then. You know what the It’s amazing what can take the pain away, But there are certain you’re singing Whitney Houston tracks. You’re like, Oh, my God, this is absolutely incredible. So this I cut this. I can’t thank you. You’re so busy. It’s incredible. I know what you’re healthy Lifestyle, fitness regime, because you’re very lucky because you got James your side as well. Who studied this stuff as well. And everything s so you know, you guys really know this subject inside now, but only do you know it. But you do it. Which is they’re two different things, right? You’re pretty much the only people I know that hang around with where I feel like I need to improve my diet. So it’s one of those b k 25. Obviously, never. There’s so much more going on. As you said, you just want to smash the world for you. This is the beginning. It feels like the Isn’t it becoming God? Look what you’ve done. What you’ve seen Most people hang their boots up and you’re like, No way. Actually, I’m ready for the next phase, and it really feels like that the next face. So listen, follow Beverly on all social media channels keeping eye every time she sings anything. I’ll be re posting it and everything because it is. And when you do here, if you go on to BBC two Zoe ball show and you try and find these clips, it will baffle you in some ways, genuinely about for you as to why General, the entire world is no. This is a rare round was saying because I know. But well, ever since the day wonderful, we said It is a very, very rare talent. They’re singers. That thie equivalent of football would be theirs footballers his Premiership footballers. Then there’s Ronaldo. Messi. Yeah, that’s the point. You’re the equivalent in your industry of a Ronaldo or Messi.

Beverley Knight: I like football so that

Jason Vale: this’s sounds units acquire something extra that you can’t put your finger on. Nobody quite knows what it is, but I teach. Jeff Coplon knew that the other morning way little face blessing when he wants to go home. Planet So long. I’ve seen just about everything. I’m even Jurassic Park never had me. Whatever the case. Thank you. Over. Listen on. Of course. Thank you very much for the one, The only, Beverley Knight!