Juice Master FAQ’s

Medical Disclaimer

The FAQs should be used as general guidance only and not be taken as medical advice or diagnosis. Always consult a qualified medical practitioner if you have any concerns about your health, or before you embarking on any plan of treatment. Nothing in this the FAQs should be taken as a guarantee. You are responsible for verifying for yourself the accuracy and suitability of all information and opinion shared here. The authors and publishers accept no responsibility for any loss or harm that may occur as a result of using or misusing this information or in your failure to seek appropriate medical advice.


Why should I juice. Why don’t I just eat it?

The fact of the matter is we simply aren’t getting enough fruits and vegetables into our diets on a daily basis and in their raw from. That is why we juice, because it’s a quick and tasty way of packing in all the vitamins, minerals, nutrients, phytonutrients and live enzymes that we need for optimum health. Juicing furnishes the body with the finest, easiest to ingest nutrients on the planet, and retains 95% of the nutrients found in fruit and vegetables. These macro-and micro-nutrients are often much more bioavailable (meaning more of the nutrients will get to where they are needed) to your cells once juiced and they feed the body with precisely what it requires for optimum health.

Can you eat anything else whilst on one of Jason’s juice / blend plans?

If you are following a plan to the letter then the only thing you’ll be eating (other than juices and blends) is a ‘hunger SOS’ such as a banana, half an avocado, a raw energy bar or homemade energy ball. If you are not trying to lose weight and have no specific health issues, then you may wish to eat additional natural wholefoods. You’ll find some inspiration from the Super Fast Food book/app

What is the difference between juicing and blending?

When you juice you are extracting the juice held within the fibres of fruits and vegetables, which is ultimately what feeds the body. By removing the insoluble fibre the juice can be readily absorbed and you get a direct hit of nutrition. Because of this you are able to use a larger and more wide ranging selection of ingredients meaning you consume more micronutrients. Juicing is the go to option for those who require a health

When you blend you are consuming everything that is put into the blender, including the insoluble fibre. Meaning it’s important not to drink blends any faster, than it would have taken to eat the raw ingredients. This ensures you don’t burden your system with too much insoluble fibre. Blending is popular with those who are already pretty lean and wish to sustain the exercise they are doing, lose body fat and gain muscle mass. It also appeals to those people who simply don’t have enough time to do a juice plan.

What’s the best way to get mentally prepared?

Getting mentally prepared is crucial and can make your whole experience much easier. For every plan there is support available, either from chapters of the corresponding book or coaching videos on an app. Whichever you choose make sure you make the time to read or watch the coaching available, it’s there for a reason!

There are also a multitude of inspirational documentaries available to watch. If you haven’t already then we recommend watching Jason’s Super Juice Me! documentary, which is hugely inspiring and motivational, especially if doing the 14/28-Day Super Juice! Diet.

I don’t have time to make a juice what should I do?

Option 1 – Super Blend Me!

You have a few options to choose from here. Super Blend Me! is a great option for those that want to have kick start to their health but struggle with time. It’s much quicker and the best bit is, it means there is no juicer to clean!

Option 2 – Juice Master Delivered

If you want to do a juice plan and have the budget to do so, you could choose to take advantage of Juice Master Delivered where you can order all of Jason’s plans already made for you. So no shopping and no juicer clean! To find out more details visit Juice Master Delivered

Option 3 – Juice SOS! Juice on the Go

The Juice SOS! Veggie Boost Powder is an excellent food supplement that will ensure you’re getting a good dose of nature’s finest, perfect for those days when you don’t get time to make a juice. Find out more: Juice SOS! Veggie Boost Powder

Fresh produce is so expensive. How can I juice / blend on a budget?

This is a common misconception about juicing. Yes of course you can go to a supermarket and stock up on all manner of ‘junk’ and ‘processed’ foods on a budget, but then you have to ask yourself ‘how much of that is actually going to feed you and give your body what it needs?’ Are you getting the vital nutrients, the vitamins, minerals, live enzymes etc? Probably not! It’s a tricky balance to strike alongside the increase of other outgoings but it is possible to juice on a budget. There are more budget supermarkets that offer not only affordable prices on fresh produce but also sell organic produce at similarly good prices.

Can I do the programme by using use shop-bought juices/blends?

The juices and smoothies you make at home and those found in the chiller cabinet of your local supermarket are worlds apart on the nutrition and taste front. The legal requirement of heat-treating and pasteurising the bottled juice means that lots of the vitamins and minerals are destroyed, together with life-giving enzyme activity. You will still get some goodness from these drinks but you could and should not rely on them wholly. In case of an ‘emergency’ you could substitute one of the juices or smoothies on the programme with a bottled option, this really should be an exception and not the rule.

Are the recipe quantities in Jason’s plans for one person?

All the recipes in Jason’s juice / blend plans are per person. All recipes in the Super fast Food book are for 2 people.

How much weight will I lose?

This depends on a lot of factors. If you are male with weight to lose, chances are you will drop more than a woman with the same amount of weight to lose. This is because men, on average, require more fuel per day than women (due to size, muscle mass and so on). So, when a man and woman with the same weight to lose have the same amount of fuel going in, the man will inevitably drop more weight. If you don’t have that much weight to lose, then chances are you will only lose what the body wants you to, and then it will regulate itself. If you do, then the amount you lose will depend on whether you exercise along with the plan, the type of exercise you do and, of course, whether or not you cheat!.

The overall objective when following any plan should always be well-being and supplying the body and mind with the right fuel for optimum health – weight loss should never be the only focus.

People are telling me doing a juice / blend challenge is dangerous, should I listen to?

No! If you encounter anyone saying anything negative about the fact you’re doing a plan, simply tell them to “bog off” (in the nicest possible way, of course!). If you have a week full of junk food and alcohol – nobody says a word, but the second you have nothing but good nutrition going into your body for a week – all hell breaks loose!

Are Jason’s plans suitable for vegans?

Yes. There are some recipes that include yogurt, BUT you can always use a vegan alternative, like coconut yogurt. Jason’s Super Fast Food recipe book contains vegan recipes and additional vegetarian recipes thats can be easily ‘veganised’.

What is the difference between a juice, a smoothie, and a blend?

Juice (or a ‘Thinnie’)

A juice is purely freshly extracted juice.

Smoothie (or a ‘Thickie’)

Smoothies are a mix of juice and 1 to 2 blended items, such as avocado or banana.


Are 100% blended items, so no juicer required!

If I am only juicing once a day, what is the best juice to have and what’s the best time to have it?

Jason’s favourite ‘go to’ juice is the Turbo Express (originally from his 7-Day Juice Diet). This is a great combination of balanced vitamins and minerals, and most of all tastes fantastic! The morning is the optimum time to have a juice, firstly because your digestive system has had a nice rest after sleep, meaning it’s ready to absorb all that goodness! Secondly it’s a fantastic way to kickstart your day, starting your day truly feeding your body increases the chances of making healthy food choices throughout the day.

Do I need the book and app for the particular plan I am following?

You don’t need both to do a plan, some people prefer different formats and so choose either the book or app. Others however like to use both for practical reasons. For example some may prefer to read the information in the book, but want to take advantage of the shopping list function offered on the app.

Can I order Jason’s juice / blend plans to be delivered?

Absolutely! Jason’s plan are available from Juice Master Delivered (JMD) You can compare all the plans available here to find out which one is the best fit for you.

I’m flying whilst doing a juice challenge, what should I do as I can’t take liquids through customs?

You can either replace your juice or blend at the airport for fruit, energy bars or energy balls. Even on a long flight, a few bananas, good energy bars or homemade energy balls are usually sufficient. But as with any situation like this when having a juice is not possible, use your common sense, fresh wholefoods are your friend and processed junk food is not!

Will I be hungry all the time?

It’s important to recognise, that what actual constitutes food is a combination of key nutritional factors, all of which are contained in the juices/blends. Therefore you are truly feeding the body on a cellular level, when following a juice / blend plan. A key thing to also remember is just because you are not chewing solid food does not mean you are not feeding the body.

What about the sugar?

Sugar is finally receiving the bad press it deserves. Unfortunately, however, fruit sugar is being tarnished with the same brush as white, refined sugar. The sugars are simply not the same, and if you use your common sense, you will appreciate this. Science may say otherwise, but if all sugars were the same, then people could switch chocolate for an apple without any problems.

Think about yourself or someone you know who is a real sugar head – who must eat cakes, biscuits, pastries, sweets or chocolate. If you offered them an apple or a piece of pineapple instead, they would soon tell you where to go! ‘Live’ fruit and vegetable sugars are not the same as white, refined sugars and do not cause the same harm. However, there’s no need to worry in any case, as all the recipes are predominantly vegetable-based, with apple, pear or pineapple added to make sure the juices and smoothies taste good – pure vegetable juice is an acquired taste! The thickies also have either avocado or banana, and the additional insoluble fibres help to slow down the absorption of sugars into the bloodstream.


What can / can’t I juice?

Most fruits and vegetables can be juiced and by using the following guidelines you will get the most out of your juicer:

  • Remove any large stones (such as apricots).
  • Always peel oranges as the skin contains oils, which are indigestible, keep as much as the pith on as possible as this contains the goodness.
  • Soft fruits such as blueberries, strawberries and raspberries can be juiced but do not give great yields of juice so are better to blend.
  • Always use raw fruits and vegetables and never cooked or blanched, e.g. beetroot.

You CANNOT juice avocados or bananas – they must always be blended.

Can I freeze my juices / blends?

Juices can be frozen with little nutritional contents lost, so it becomes a popular choice for people with busy lifestyles that struggle to find time to makes juices on the go. Many people choose to batch make juices, meaning they have a supply for an entire week. Different people use different options for storing juices, dependent on space available. Some use BPA free plastic bottles, glass bottles or flasks. Whereas some will use a zip bag or similar. If using a plastic/glass bottle or flask always remember to leave a little a gap at the top to allow for expansion. Blends can be frozen but much as preparing a blend in advance there is little to be gained because they are so easy to make and taste so much nice fresh! Remember to allow enough time for your juice / blend to defrost, take the first juice of the day out the night before for enough time for it to fully defrost. If a juice / blend has not defrosted when you need it you can put in some tepid water to speed up the process.

Top tips:
If making a smoothie why not make the juice, freeze and once taken out to defrost you can add the avocado or banana for that fresh taste!

If you have used Juice Master Delivered, make sure you keep hold of the bottles, as these are a perfect storage option!

Should I use organic produce?

In an ideal world you would buy organic produce wherever possible. This is not always possible for everyone as organic produce is more expensive. There is a ‘Dirty Dozen’ list of the top fruit and vegetables found with the highest levels of pesticide residue. So if you buy anything organic the following produce would be your top ones to choose: apples, celery, strawberries, spinach, cucumbers, blueberries. If buying non-organic, always buy the freshest possible and ensure you wash the produce thoroughly. You can also add supplement such as Juice SOS! Veggie Boost Powder to boost the nutritional content of your juices, this is not compulsory but will give your juices an extra boost!

How do I follow a Jason’s plan if I work shifts?

All of Jason’s plans have a basic outline of timings when you will consume a juice / blend. These are laid out based on an average working day/lifestyle but of course this will vary hugely from person to person. So simply adapt the plan to work to your own timings and whatever works best for you. We advise that you leave no longer than three/four hours between juices, to ensure your blood sugar levels are stable. The Super Blend Me! plan requires you to leave at least four hours in between each blend.

Where nut milks are required for a recipe, can I use shop bought almond milk?

Shop bought milks can be used, but make sure you check the label to ensure you are getting one without any added sugar or preservatives. It’s worth noting here how easy nut milks are to make, and the beauty of making your own means you know exactly what goes into it! Why not give it a go? Almond Milk Recipe.

I’m allergic to nuts, what can I do?

If there’s a specific type of nut you are allergic to then you can supplement for an alternative. If you are allergic to all nuts then you can use mixed seeds including Pumpkin, sunflower or sesame seeds.

Can I reduce the amount of fruit in the recipes?

If you prefer a less sweet option, then you can simply reduce the amount of fruit to taste.

Some of the recipes make more than others, is this normal?

Because produce from the UK and around the world varies in size at different times of year, the quantity of juice yielded will vary, quality and freshness is also a big factor. The type of juicer you are using will also make a difference. If your juice comes up a little short, please simply add some extra cucumber or an apple. If it is a little over, then lucky you!

Can I make my juices / blends in advance?

In an ideal world all juices / blends would be made as fresh as they taste better and retain the most nutrients. Blends are so quick and easy to make that we’d always recommend you make them fresh. However juices can be prepared in advance if you’re short on time.

The lifespan of a juice will depend upon which type of juicer is used. If you use a centrifugal (fast) juicer heat friction is involved in the process, which means the nutrient quality will be compromised much quicker. A juice made in a centrifugal juicer will have a maximum lifespan of 8 hours. A cold press (slow) juicer uses no heat in the process and therefore means the nutritional quality is retain for much longer. A juice made in a masticating juicer has a lifespan of 72 hours.

Please note:
These times are dependant on storing your juice in a container or bottle, which blocks all light and oxygen.

How should I store my blends/juices?

You can use a BPA plastic bottle, a glass bottle or flask. Check out the Juice Master Website for some options to choose from Bottles and Flasks.

Do I need to peel the ingredients?

For the majority of the ingredients, keep the peel on, as most of the nutrition is to be found either in the skin or just under it. Oranges must be peeled as the skin is indigestible to humans. Whether to peel lemons and limes or not is a matter of taste. If you like a real zesty kick, then leave the peel on, but if you prefer a milder flavour, then peel. The main thing to be careful of is that you leave as much as the pith (or white stuff) on as possible, as this is where a lot of the nutrition is to be found.

Do you have advice on the best way to store my fruit and veg?

As a general guideline you can follow the lead of how the big retailers store their produce. Storing produce in the fridge or a cold place will help you keep it in the best possible condition. Most fruits are perfectly fine to be stored at room temperature (apart from soft fruits which spoil a lot quicker) If you choose to store fruit/veg in your fridge some key ones that need to be kept separate are: avocados, bananas, kiwis, mangoes, pears. This is because they emit ethylene (hydrocarbon gas which is naturally occurring, also known as the ‘ripening hormone’ and causes other fruits and veg to spoil).

I’m allergic to/don’t like a certain ingredient. What should I do?

If you are genuinely allergic to any of the ingredients in a recipes, then just leave them out or supplement with an alternative option, don’t be afraid of doing this. You are not going to ruin the results of a plan by changing the odd ingredient here and there. Having said that, it’s really important to give things a go. Some things may not be to your taste, but just try smaller amounts to begin with and work up to big amounts bit by bit. At the very least give them a go, and don’t talk yourself out of it before you’ve given it a chance!

Below is a ‘alternative’ ingredients table to give you a basic outline on what ingredients can be supplemented, please use your common sense and if you don’t like the alternative choose something else.

If you are genuinely allergic, then, clearly, you should avoid whatever it is you are allergic to. But if you have been told you are intolerant to a certain food, don’t just assume it is true. There are genuine cases of people being allergic to certain fruit and vegetables, but it is a rarity. If you would still like to avoid certain ingredients in a juice recipe, please use the table below as a rough guide as to what you can use to replace a specific fruit or vegetable. The rule of thumb is to aim to replace it with a similar thing. Having said that, don’t just assume you won’t like something. Give it a go first. You’ll be surprised how great the recipes taste, and everything has been added for a reason, be it taste or nutrition. PLEASE aim to make the recipes as instructed.

Ingredient Alternative
Almond Milk Brazil nut milk, soya milk or rice milk.
Apple Pear or pineapple
Avocado Banana with some Omega 3-6-9 oil
Banana Avocado
Beetroot There’s nothing quite like a beetroot I’m afraid. It’s simply amazing for the blood, and you may be surprised to know that it’s actually very sweet. You could just try reducing the quantity slightly, so you can get used to the taste
Broccoli Spinach
Carrot Parsnip
Celery Courgette/zucchini or cucumber
Courgette/Zucchini Celery or cucumber
Fennel Ginger
Ginger Lemon, lime or fennel
Kale Chard, spinach or spring greens
Lemon Lime or ginger
Lime Lemon or ginger
Mixed berries Banana or mango
Mint Basil
Orange Grapefruit
Parsnip Carrot
Pear Apple
Spinach Chard, kale or spring greens
Turnip Parsnip or carrot
Tomato Cucumber

Can I use frozen produce?

When juicing be sure to use fresh produce in it raw state, using cooked fruits or vegetable will not only taste awful but also completely changes the nutritional content of a juice.

When blending you can use many items from frozen, such as avocados, berries, bananas and even ginger can all be blended from frozen. When it comes to greens and leaves such as mint, basil, kale, broccoli, cucumber and spinach – go fresh. Yes, you can buy things like frozen spinach and kale, which can be extremely convenient as spinach goes off pretty fast, but most frozen spinach has also been blanched before it’s frozen.

In some of your recipes you use hemp protein. Can I used whey instead?

We choose plant based protein powder such as hemp or pea to offer the option of being dairy free. Whey is a dairy derivative and can affect your digestive system, so for the duration of a juice / blend plan why not give a natural plant based protein option a go? If you feel strongly about wanted to use a whey based protein powder make sure you choose a high quality version and preferably grass fed.

What can I do with all the leftover pulp?

Please don’t see this as wasteful. It’s only the fibre and this would simply have come out of you anyway. Fibre does not penetrate the intestinal wall, it simply moves through your intestines and comes out as waste. You can use the pulp from juicing as a nutritious face pack or give it to the birds or other animals.


What type of juicer should I be using?

Our recommendation for a juicer is THE BEST ONE FOR YOU, which is often different for everyone. There are two main types of juicers to choose from. Either a centrifugal (fast) juicer or a cold press/slow juicer. For more information on the best one for you, check out our handy guide Which Juicer?

I only have a juicer. Do I need a blender?

A blender is also required for a juicing plan, for items that cannot be juiced – such as bananas and avocados.

I only have a blender. Do I need a juicer?

If you are doing Super Blend Me! then that is absolutely fine, however for all Jason’s other juice plans you’ll need a juicer and a blender.

Can I juice wheatgrass in my centrifugal juicer?

You cannot juice wheatgrass in a centrifugal (fast) juicer. You would need a cold-press (slow) juicer. There are some small manual juicers on the market suitable for wheatgrass, which are fairly inexpensive. Alternatively you could add some powdered wheatgrass to your juice.


How much water should I be drinking?

There are no hard and fast rules here as everyone is different. How much exercise you do will clearly play a huge part in how much water you need to be drinking, but oddly you will find you have less need for water than usual. This is because:

1. You are living on nothing but hydrating liquids, which naturally cuts down the need for more water.

2. You’re eliminating dehydrating foods and drinks such as alcohol and salt.

The best gauge of how much water you should be having is, oddly, thirst (I know – radical!). The blanket piece of advice that says we need two litres of water a day is a total myth, with zero evidence to back it up.

There will require a level of common sense and you may find in the first few days you may want to drink a little more, remember you can included herbal teas as part of your water intake.

What can I drink in addition to the juices or blends on the plan?

Water will play a key part alongside your juices/blends. Herbal teas are a godsend when you are doing a juice / blend plan. There’s nothing quite like a big mug of peppermint tea with a little bit of honey in the evening!

What is an ‘Hunger SOS’?

A Hunger SOS is a little something extra that you are allowed (in addition to your juices and blends) in the event of a genuine hunger emergency. You can have a maximum or two per day.

1. A piece of fruit (including an avocado)
2. A natural energy bar (such as a Juice SOS or Simply Nude Bar)
3. A homemade energy ball.

Do I need any supplements while a juice / blend plan?

If you are following a juice plan and have high quality and fresh fruit and veg then no worries, just do the plan as is with the right produce. If you want to raise the game slightly on the nutrition front, get some Juice SOS Veggie Boost Powder or similar (as many places sell green powders these days, just be careful though as some have fillers and are not always the best quality).

If you are following the Super Blend Me! plan then the protein powder is 100% necessary and an essential part of the plan. The green and berry powders are optional but well worth including. Super Blend Me! Blend Powders.

Do I have to drink all of my juices/blends?

When juicing you may find towards the end of a plan you do not require all the juices set out for the day, if you find this is the case then you may want to leave one out.

When following the Super Blend Me! plan, you should only drink your blends until you’re nicely satisfied and not bloated. Just because all of the ingredients are good, it doesn’t mean you can’t have too much of a good thing. Your body only requires a certain amount of nutrition for your needs and is smart enough to tell you when it’s had enough.

I am constipated. Is this normal?

Everyone is different but on a juice plan you may find there isn’t much ‘action’ happening! As long as you’re not in any discomfort or pain you don’t need to worry as if you think about it logically, what your body would normally discard went in the pulp bucket of your juicer! The second you start eating Low H.I. (human intervention) foods you’ll be as regular as clockwork! The programmes have plenty of soluble and insoluble fibre, so there is no need to worry.

If you become uncomfortable and want to help get things moving, you can either juice a couple of pears, or try adding some chia seeds to your juice.

I feel nauseous. Should I be worried?

It is not uncommon for some people to experience feelings of nausea during the first couple of days of a juice / blend plan. If you do experience this it will normally subside after the first couple of days. It’s important to note that the nausea you are experiencing may be unrelated to the juice / blend plan. So if you are at all concerned please seek medical advice.

My teeth feel sensitive and my mouth feels a bit furry when I am juicing, Why is this?

During a detox some people find increased sensitivity in their teeth and may have an unpleasant coating in their mouth. This is your body’s way of eliminating any toxins and should subside after a few days. Keep drinking plenty of water and brushing your teeth can help, just make sure it’s at least an hour after consuming any juice.

I’m experiencing headaches. Why is this?

When the body is detoxing, it is quite common to experience headaches and initial energy loss. A lot of the time we rely on caffeine and other false stimulants that cover up what is really happening. Detox symptoms are in fact withdrawal symptoms, which are indicators of your ‘true’ level of health. The good news is these symptoms rarely last longer than 3 days. After 3–4 days you should start to get a great deal more energy and start to feel better.

Why am I getting spots?

Everyone reacts differently and sometimes getting a few spots is the body’s way or getting rid of built up toxins. This will more than likely settle down and your skin will clear up. Most people find their skin is glowing by the end of a detox.

I’m 72 hours in and haven’t got my juicy high. Is this normal?

It’s a very individual experience and everyone will have their ‘juice high’ on different days. For some it won’t be until they’ve finished the detox, it is without doubt worth the wait!

I feel like quitting. What should I do?

Sometimes during the mid to latter part of a plan, enthusiasm can dwindle. This is where it is most important to focus your attention on the reason/s you started the plan in the first place.
The psychological withdrawal, that feeling of mental deprivation of missing out can be a lot of people undoing, however all it requires is a shift in your thinking. You simply need to shift your mind from a diet mentality of:


Moving the body in anyway, be that going for a walk, swim, going to the gym will really help shift any negative mindsets that may have creeped in. Choosing something that you will enjoy is absolutely key.

Watching inspirational documentaries or reading books that will motivate is a great way to boost your moral. If you haven’t already then watch Super Juice Me! It’s free to watch and gives you a reminder of just what can be achieved when you commit yourself fully to a juice / blend plan. Super Juice Me! Documentary.

Can I just go back to eating how I was before?

If your diet was good and included lots of fresh whole foods then clearly it’s a yes, if however your diet was poor and was packed with processed foods and refined sugars and fats then it’s a huge NO! Your body will no react well to any junk food and you will end up feeling pretty awful. Ultimately of course you can eat whatever you like after a plan, it is 100% your choice. Using the momentum you have created whilst following a plan is key in making significant changes to your diet and lifestyle (See the after plan section for guidance on the next steps after completing a plan).

Whatever you eat, It’s crucial that you re-introduce any foods gradually after completing any juice / blend plan. It’s important to remember once you have completed a juice / blend plan you have given your entire system a rest.

Will I still see results if I don’t exercise?

It’s important to note you don’t have to do intensive, or indeed any, exercise in order for a plan to be successful. You can achieve incredible results if you only do light exercise (yoga, walking, etc.) or leave exercise out completely. You will be consuming nothing but perfectly balanced juices/blends, whilst eliminating all rubbish foods as well as alcohol, so you can’t fail to drop some weight (if you need to) and feel a whole lot better than you did before you started. However, if you do (like most) want to step up the exercise – USE YOUR COMMON SENSE AND LISTEN TO YOUR BODY.

Can I drink tea and coffee while on a plan?

Yes and no. If you want to give the plan 100%, and follow as outlined, then clearly it’s a no. However, if a couple of cups of coffee a day is the only way you will stick to it, then it’s a yes. There are many extremely good alternatives to coffee and English breakfast tea, such as green (Green tea is not only a wonderful source of antioxidants and good plant chemicals, but can induce thermogenesis and stimulate fat oxidation, boosting the metabolic rate 4 percent without increasing the heart rate) and peppermint tea, so why not try these on for size over the first 3 days. Come day 4 – the end of the withdrawal period – chances are you’ll be in the herbal tea groove and want to continue.

Can I drink alcohol on a plan?

It is not recommended that any alcohol is consumed whilst doing a juice / blend plan.

Can I eat the ingredients fruit or veg if I don’t feel like juicing it?

Juicing furnishes the body with the finest, easiest to ingest nutrients on the planet, and retains 95% of the nutrients found in fruit and vegetables. These macro and micro nutrients are often much more bioavailable (meaning more of the nutrients will get to where they are needed) to your cells once juiced and they feed the body with precisely what it requires for optimum health. However if the odd ingredient were to pass your lips it would not be the end of the world.

Do I have to drink my juices/blends in the set order and times laid out?

Each plan provides a basic outline of when and what juices/blends to have at a particular time. The times that are laid out are only a guideline and can be adapted to your own lifestyle and routine. For juice plans it is recommended to have a juice within three/four hours of each other ensuring you keep your blood sugar levels stable.

For Super Blend Me! you need to leave at least four hours in between each blend, The reason for the minimum four hour rule is to prevent you from consuming too much in too short a period of time.

I feel bloated. Why is this?

Bloating may be a result of what you consumed in the days prior to detoxing. Many people overeat before a detox, fearing they will never eat again! They eat all kinds of things that they wouldn’t normally eat and in ridiculous quantities. The body is then left bloated and tired and it can take a good couple of days for things to work their way through your system.

You may find that you are just experiencing a little fluid retention, although it may sound counterintuitive this can be managed by drinking plenty of water.

I have diarrhoea is this normal?

It is not a common response and needs to be monitored carefully as it may not be in relation to the juice / blend plan. Some may experience a change in their bowel movements and it may just be a case of your body eliminating any built up toxicity. If you experience diarrhoea for longer than 24 hours then please seek medical advice. Make sure you keep yourself well hydrated and drink plenty of water.

Will juicing/blending damage my teeth?

If you were having purely fruit juices then it could be a cause for concern but the juices/blends featured on Jason’s plans, are a balance of fruit and vegetables so there is not high concentration of fruit. If you wanted to make sure you are looking after your teeth you could drink your juice through a straw and always wait at least 1 hour before brushing your teeth after having a juice.

I am experiencing acid reflux. What should I do?

There may be a particular ingredient that could be aggravating you, try eliminating any ingredients you suspect. Try adding fennel to a juice as this will soothe the stomach. Bananas may also be effective in easing symptoms as the potassium helps by strengthening the lower oesophageal sphincter. If you are at all concerned then please contact your doctor for advice and guidance.

I have no energy and feel so tired. Is this normal?

Is quite common to experience headaches and initial energy loss. You need to understand that you were falsely stimulating your body with things like caffeine, alcohol and sugars. Now that these stimulants have been withdrawn, your body is re-establishing its equilibrium and, during this time, you will suffer an energy loss.

Is it normal to still crave junk food?

These feeling are likely to subside after the first 72 hours when you will start to crave healthier foods. If you are struggling, then alway refer back to the Jason’s coaching either in the corresponding book or app for support.

Is it ok to weigh myself every day?

Don’t be tempted to weigh yourself during a plan. This is unnecessary and can lead to an unhealthy focus on the numbers on the scales, focusing on how you are feeling is the best thing you can do for yourself.

Should I exercise whilst juicing/blending?

When it comes to exercise, it is vital you listen to your body. During the first 72 hours, most will experience some degree of withdrawal and in turn a slight or significant drop in energy. It’s important you don’t just blindly blast it in the gym if you are feeling at all shaky or weak. For most this doesn’t happen, but if it happens to you, it’s nothing to worry about, you just need to be intelligent and ease off until your energy returns.

A study on exercise and calorie-burn showed that if you only had 50 mins a day for exercise, but split it into two 25-minute workouts, you would burn an extra 400 calories. The study was done on cycling, but all relatively intensive exercise creates something called after-burn . After-burn does what it says on the tin, and means you continue to burn calories after you have finished exercising. If you only have an hour to spare each day, splitting it into two 30-minute sessions will make it far more effective.

I feel fatigued/dizzy after working out. Is this normal?

You may find that you are lacking in electrolytes. Salt is a key ingredient in getting electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride, calcium, magnesium, bicarbonate, phosphate and sulphate) into the body. Simply add a pinch or two of Himalayan Rock salt to water to help restore your salt levels.


What should I do after a Jason Vale juice / blend plan?

You have lots of different options to consider, the main thing to keep in mind is not to worry about eating solid foods. You can eat after a plan, you just need to be mindful about how you approach it. (Please see I have just finished a juice / blend plan. What are the follow-on options available? for full details).

I’ve done the plan to the letter but not lost any weight. How can this be?

There have been cases where people stick to the programme religiously and yet don’t lose a great deal of weight during a plan. Often the reason for this is ‘lag time’. Many people make the mistake of binging on disproportionate amounts of fat, sugar and salt a few days before the plan. This, on its own, would normally cause weight gain in the days following. However, because the person then removes all refined sugars, fats and salts and has a 100 percent plant-based diet, no weight gain is experienced, but no weight is lost either. The person then can lose faith in the juice programme, believing the juice detox isn’t working, when in fact it’s working perfectly well but will take a little longer to see the results. In some cases it can take a few days after the programme to finish as ‘lag time’ works both ways.

Will I put all the weight back on after the plan?

If you had an unhealthy lifestyle and pick up from where you left off then yes you will! You are in a unique position after completing a juice / blend plan. Your biochemistry has changed, and you will naturally crave healthier things. Using this momentum is crucial to continued and long term changes to your health and well being.

I want to carry on with the juice / blend plan I am on. How long is it safe to continue juicing/blending for?

It would be down to personal circumstance and what you were looking to achieve by doing a juice / blend plan. Carry on with your juices and start to incorporate some healthy, Low HI (human intervention) foods alongside. Most people find once they’ve completed a juice detox plan that they’re whole attitude towards food changes and they find it easier to make healthier choices and do a juice detox plan every season as a top up. A lot of people choose to JJM (Please see I have just finished a juice / blend plan. What are the follow-on options available? For full details).

I have gained weight. How has this happened?

This really does depend on your starting weight, compared to the weight you should be. If you are hugely underweight, then the chances are that the plan will provide you with more nutrition and calories than you may normally consume on a daily basis. What’s more, the juices and smoothies provide the body with bioavailable nutrition in the most easily absorbable state, so if you are underweight because you are not absorbing the nutrition from the food you are eating, then juices/blends are incredible. If you are overweight and have gained weight during a plan, there would be some areas to explore. The first inquiry would be have you followed the plan to letter? Secondly you may need to do some further investigation with the help of a Natural Juice Therapist, they may be able to offer you some information and support. For the list of Natural Juice Therapist please follow the link to the Juice Academy website for further assistance: Find a Juice Therapist.

I have just finished a juice / blend plan. What are the follow-on options available?

There are multiple options available once you have completed a juice / blend plan. Everyone will be difference and want to take a different approach dependent upon what result you are looking to achieve. Below are five options to choose from, please be aware this are for guidance and you may wish to choose an alternative.

Option 1 – Super Food Me! 7-Day Plan
This is taken from the Super fast Food book/app and there are two 7-day plans to choose from, one vegetarian and one pescatarian. Each day starts with a beautiful blend (so no need to clean your juicer!) but clearly you can swap these for a juice of your choice if you so wish. The book and app feature all of the recipes for both plans, as well as a shopping list for the entire 7 days. The app goes one stage further and will even auto generate a shopping list, for however many days you want to shop for! If you wish to devise your own specific follow-on meal plan from the recipes (of which there’s over 100), then clearly feel free.

For more information follow the link: Super Fast Food!

Option 2 – 5:2 Juice Diet or 2:3:2 System (this can be blends or juices)
The first is Jason’s juicy take on the principles of the well-known 5:2 Diet. This version involves eating primarily Low H.I. foods for 5 days of the week (allowing for a cheeky ‘being human’ something here and there!) and pure juices, adding up to a maximum of 600 calories a day, for the remaining 2 days.

Like the 5:2 Juice Diet, the 2:3:2 is a follow-on plan designed to maintain a healthy weight and supply wonderful amounts of good nutrition, but differs slightly in allowing for a total blow
out if you really feel the human need for it!

The principles of the 2:3:2 System are quite simple:
2 Days On Pure Juice
3 Days Low H.I. Living
2 Days On Anything You Like!

You can play the system however you like and you don’t have to do the two juice only days consecutively.

For more information follow the link: 5:2 Juice Diet

Option 3 – JJM or BBM (Juice/Juice/Meal or Blend/Blend/Meal)
Usually, by the time you have finished a juice / blend plan you are so used to having a juice / blend for breakfast and lunch that you simply continue afterwards. The JJM/BBM plan isn’t so much a plan, but rather a way of life that a lot of people automatically move towards after completing a plan. It is also the perfect option for those who really have no desire to spend two days a week on nothing but juice, yet don’t mind the idea of juices throughout the day providing they can use their teeth in the evening.Remember, you choose whichever fruit & vegetable juices/blends you like for breakfast and lunch and then eat in the evening -simples!

Option 4 – JMM or /BMM (Juice/Meal/Meal or Blend/Meal/Meal)
Similar to Option 3 but the addition of and extra meal and one less juice / blend. The meals should clearly be Low H.I. (human intervention) where possible. Perhaps a juice / blend for breakfast, salad/soup for lunch and then whatever you fancy for dinner;usually a more substantial meal, like an avocado salad with a nice piece of fish, or whatever floats your Low H.I. boat. Many mix between the JJM and JMM way of life and it’s usually enough to keep most in fine fettle.

Option 5 – 2:5 System (this can be blends or juices)
The 2:5 system although not a plan, is another popular choice. This is a reversal in many ways of the 5:2 plan, without the calorie restriction. So it is 2 days of eating low H.I (human intervention) foods and 5 days of juices/blends. You can mix this up if you feel confident to do so, or if you require some structure you can use the 5-Day Juice Diet.


How many calories per juice, smoothie or Super Blend?

An approximate guide to the calorie contents are as follows:

  • Juice (juiced items only) Between 150 – 200
  • Smoothies (mix of juice and 1 to 2 blended items) Between 250 – 300
  • Super Blend (blended items only) 350

*The only exception is the 5:2 plan, which uses the calories restricting 5:2 science and all juices contains approx 125/150 calories.

Where will I get my protein and calcium?

It could be easily argued that all protein ultimately comes from plants, as the largest land animals in the world are all vegan, and everything from a rhino to a fully-grown bull elephant gets all of their protein from the amino acids…found in plants . You’ve only got to look at the sheer muscle mass of a giraffe, bullock, elephant or even cow for that matter, to relax in the knowledge you’ll be good to go on the protein front when getting your amino acids from plant-based foods. This can also be said for calcium, there is an abundance of calcium to be found in plant based foods. We have simply been conditioned to believe that we can only get sufficient calcium from milk, which is simply not true!

Don’t we need carbohydrates in our diet?

Many people do not realise that all fruits and vegetables are in fact also carbohydrates. The best carbohydrates on earth! Carbohydrates are a combination of carbon, hydrogen and oxygen. Fruits and vegetables are extremely hydrating and consist in all cases of at least 70% water. We have over 30ft of intestinal tract which resembles the U-bend you’d find under your sink for waste. It is designed for high water-content fuel, such as fruits and vegetables, which can deliver the nutrients where they are needed in super-fast time and, at the same time, help to flush out any waste.

What is Natural Juice Therapy?

Natural Juice Therapy (NJT) has been around for many centuries, and has been used by some of the world’s leaders in nutritional therapy for the prevention and treatment of disease.

Freshly extracted fruit and vegetable juices furnish the body with the perfect balance of vitamins, minerals, amino acids, carbohydrates, antioxidants and enzymes. NJT uses the unique blend of healing properties found within the natural juices of fruits and vegetables, to aid the body to optimum health.

Will I be getting enough calories?

Calories have their place, and can be a wonderful tool when used correctly, as a rough overall guide, not as an exact science. We work by the nutritional value that the body is getting with the raw juices and this matters much more than calories in the juicing detox process.

Rather than counting calories it’s better to look at the level of genuine nutrition in what you are eating rather than worry about whether you are hitting a RDA (Recommended Daily Allowance) of calories. We could all hit our RDA by munching our way through processed junk food, but it’s hardly ‘feeding’ our bodies. The RDA of calories is a made up figure and our personal daily allowance of anything is just that – personal. There are so many different factors to take into consideration; what you are doing on a particular day (physically and mentally), your muscle mass, age and countless variables. The recommended RDA for a man is 2,500 calories a day to maintain his weight, for the average woman it’s 2,000 calories a day. So if you were to eat 2,500 calories of refined fat and sugar for days on end and do no exercise, you’d more than likely gain weight. If on the flip side you eat 2,500 calories of plant food and fish, the chances are you won’t! You certainly won’t be starved of any nutrients during a juice detox, the very opposite in fact as you’ll be feeding your body with nutrient rich fresh fruits and vegetables.

Then you have to take into account that all of us will absorb calories differently. On top of that, you need to factor in someone’s unique metabolism, which clearly affects the rate at which calories are burned. This is why these set, blanket guidelines for how many calories an average man and an average woman should consume are massively flawed.

Where will I get my fibre?

All juices contain soluble fibre in the form of pectin that effectively forms a type of gel that slows the emptying of the stomach and helps to slow glucose absorption. Soluble fibre has also been found to help lower overall and LDL cholesterol. You’re also getting some insoluble fibre in the pulp contained within the juice.

It’s worth knowing that insoluble fibre cannot penetrate the intestinal wall and does not directly feed the body. Normally your digestive system is designed to extract the ‘juice’ from the fibre of whatever you are consuming. That fibre is then excreted from the body. You only need a small handful of insoluble fibre a day to keep things moving, so to speak, which you will be getting.

If you prefer a higher fibre option then Super Blend Me! may be the plan for you. Each blend on the plan has been carefully designed and adheres to a key blending principle of not containing overloading you with too much insoluble fibre, meaning you get the best of both worlds!

How can I learn more about the benefits of juicing and blending?

If you would like to take your knowledge of juicing and blending to the next level, and share the benefits with those that need it most, why not take a look at the Juice Master Academy online learning course? Juice Master Academy.


Can colonic hydrotherapy be beneficial when following a plan?

There is a great article about this in Juiced! Magazine (issue #2), which explains all!

Colonic Article Juiced! Magazine

Can I do a juice / blend programme if I’m breastfeeding?

When it comes to breastfeeding the most important points to consider are ensuring that the quality and quantity of the mothers milk are maintained and this can be done by a well balanced diet containing good fats such as avocado, coconut oil and nuts and seeds and clean starchy carbohydrates such as banana. So much as the advice for pregnancy you may want to consider inclusion of some juices/blends rather than an exclusive juice / blend only plan. There are some fantastic options included in the Super Blend Me! plan. As always we recommend any health related decision should be referred to your doctor for advice.

Should I stop taking my medication?

You should only ever stop taking medication, with your doctor’s approval and supervision. For many people the goal of doing a longer plan such as the Super Juice Me! 28-day plan is to improve their health significantly. so it may be possible to reduce medication but this must be done with the full approval of your doctor.

I’m underweight but would like to juice. Is this safe?

This would be your personal decision to make. We’d always recommend any health related decision should be referred to your doctor for advice, as you could be underweight for a number of reasons. You could introduce juices into your daily diet but continue to eat, which would mean you are gaining the benefits of freshly extracted juices but not risking any weight loss. Alternatively you could look at Super Blend Me! which may be a better option as it is predominately protein based.

I’m extremely overweight and ill, which plan is best for me?

This completely depends on the individual. If you are someone who is easily put off by the cleaning of the juicer and the extra effort it takes, then the Super Juice Me! 28-day plan isn’t for you, because you won’t actually do it. In this case Super Blend Me! may be a better fit for you. However, if cleaning your juicer isn’t an issue, then yes, you are (in my opinion) better off doing the Super Juice Me! plan. The sheer volume of micronutrients is much greater on a juice only plan and therefore if you are really ill and overweight, then it would certainly be the better option. Please don’t think, however, that you won’t still see significant changes whilst consuming blends, because you will. If you do either plan for at least 21 days, you’ll be in a different world to the one you are currently in. It would certainly be a good opportunity to watch Jason’s Super Juice Me! documentary, which is 100% free to watch, to see just what a difference 28-days on freshly extracted juice can do for your health.

Watch the documentary FREE here

Can I do a juice / blend programme if I’m pregnant?

We’d always recommend any health related decision should be referred to your doctor for advice. During your first 12 weeks of pregnancy you are advised not to change much about your diet or lifestyle, so if a juice / blend plan is a radical change for you then it would be advisable to consider incorporating juicing/blending into your diet instead.

I have health issues and am currently taking medication. Will going on your plan upset my condition in anyway?

We are not doctors and we would always suggest seeking advice from your doctor. Many people with various conditions, who have followed Jason’s programmes have benefited tremendously. You do not have to take our word for it, take a look for yourself Testimonials and Results.

I’m diabetic can I still do one of Jason’s plans?

We obviously don’t know your personal circumstances (like every condition, there’s a spectrum of disease) so we are not really in a position to be able to give you a concrete yes or no. We always recommend those with any medical condition seek medical advice before starting a juice / blend plan. We have had incredible feedback from people with diabetes who have completed various plans and seen fantastic results. Super Blend Me! may be a preferable option, as each blend has plenty of soluble and insoluble fibre, which acts as a natural buffer against sugar spikes, and most are rich in good fats and protein. There is also the option of two daily Hunger SOSs, so ideal in terms of making sure your blood sugars are regulated.

I weigh more today than I did yesterday. Why is this?

We always recommends you only weigh yourself after you’ve finished a plan and not during it, as weight fluctuates for all kinds of reasons. If you continuously weigh yourself you risk becoming fixated on the weight loss, which can become unhealthy. Doing a juice detox is about so much more than just weight loss. It may be the initial motivation that prompts people to start a plan, but it will quickly become apparent that there are so many more benefits. More energy, glowing skin, shiny hair, the list goes on and on. There is also something called ‘lag time’ which some people experience, meaning the weight loss may not happen until a few days after completing a plan. It’s also important to note the some people tend to lose inches not lbs, so you may not see a difference on the scale but your clothes may fit more comfortably.

Can I smoke or vape whilst following a plan?

If you are a smoker, it’s not simply a case of saying that you can’t smoke on the plan. Nicotine is highly addictive and its invisible pull can be extraordinarily strong. If you vape, please be under no illusion that you are free from nicotine addiction, you are as firmly in the trap as any cigarette smoker. Although both smoking and vaping are highly addictive, both can be extremely easy to kick. This sounds like a contradiction, but the addiction to nicotine is around 95% psychological and 5% physical. This means that once you understand how the nicotine trap works, you can release yourself mentally, often even before you’ve had your last cigarette. Jason’s Stop Smoking in 2 Hours app explains this in further detail and the best thing is, it’s 100% FREE (available on IOS or Android).

Download the app for free now: Stop Smoking in 2-hours app


I can't log in to my account?

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