One of the most liberating and holistic treatments that you can enjoy during your stay is a tantric massage at the retreat’s heavenly haven.

At Juicy Oasis, you find yourself a world away from the many pressures and restraints of everyday life. To seal the experience, one of the most liberating and holistic treatments that you can enjoy during your stay is a tantric massage at the retreat’s heavenly haven, Eden Spa. This beautiful and sensual experience is performed by one of Juicy Oasis’ highly experienced and empathetic masseuses. It is available only to women (Jason moans about this rule, a lot! – Ed) and is practised with the receiver entirely naked and, à la Fifty Shades, wearing a blindfold.

However, don’t panic (or be disappointed!) but that’s where the comparison ends. Having said that, this unique massage has been designed to take you on any mental journey you wish to explore, so as Fifty Shades as your mind wants to take you…

“A woman who came on our retreat mentioned that she hadn’t been touched in a sensual way for more than 25 years,” explains Jason. “Light sensual physical touch is just as important as good nutrition and exercise, which is why we brought this particular blend of soft tantric massage into the retreat experience mix.”

The Juicy Oasis soft tantric massage may only be available to women, and performed by a female masseuse, but the completely safe experience is never taken for granted. The team at Eden Spa is highly practised and sensitive, conscious of how cautious a client may feel before or during the massage.

The tantric tradition has grown a reputation as being focused on sex. Yet the tantra texts and practises draw in many different spiritual topics. Eden Spa’s version of the tantric massage is specifically created to take a client on an extraordinary physical and mental journey. It certainly requires an open mind and is designed for the more adventurous and free-spirited amongst us, although Jason is always keen to point out that this can be an integral part of really allowing the retreat to work its maximum magic. This massage is an experience that will enable you to totally unwind, remove your inhibitions and experience something that will transport you away from any stress in the most beautiful way.

Eden Spa itself was designed to be a powerfully effective space to de-stress. It is a cocooning, relaxing sanctuary where the most maxed-out client can rest and switch off from everything; ideal for the tantric experience. This quiet area provides a haven where you can curl up on a lounger and relax to the soothing sounds of water cascading down the spa wall into the large indoor hot pool. Or climb into one of the ceiling-mounted pods and rock until you drift off into a beautiful slumber. Whereas most spas focus on external beauty before addressing the interior, Eden Spa takes a holistic approach with the emphasis on treatments which complement the detox programme.

So, if you are planning a visit to Juicy Oasis, don’t forget to check yourself in for what must be one of the most therapeutic forms of massage available anywhere in the world. In fact, it’s a unique experience and surely one to add to your journey of self-growth. Allow the team at Eden Spa to take your mind to a heavenly place and leave your body in a totally blissful state.