Kenny Ryan Explores The Concept Of Gratitude

Why on earth are you reading this article? Sit with this for a few minutes… May I share with you a yogic secret: the universe, which asks nothing of you, through yoga does require one action from you. That is you be absolutely honest with yourself. Be honest about your feelings and fears, your actions and intentions, the whole lot.

Mind will arise there, mind will impose the vision, the description, the thought of how things should be. Mind then correlates the gap between what is and how things should be. From this festering ground of discontent arises the ‘ambitious one’.

This is the one who plots all you have to do to set your world to rights. Have you noticed how demanding and relentless this one is? It smiles brightly and promises much, such as how great life will be when, and only when, yet there is much to be done for this ‘only when’ to be arrived at. Have you noticed that you do not ever arrive? You do not see the ‘ambitious one’ clearly, because you are unwittingly mesmerised by it and collapse into assuming it as your identity.

Enquire Within

Yoga shows the way and it does not take much to step back from it and rest as the essence of being. From this non-involved, wide-open perspective it is easy to see how aggressive and controlling the ‘ambitious one’ is. It might even be described as sinister and vicious. Often, it will not let you rest. You do not see this because you first allow yourself to be seduced by it and you seem to become it. It knows no true rest and it knows no peace

Yes, the ‘ambitious one’ does throw you crumbs along your path. It will humour you with achievements, success, status. It may even t you into a Little Black Dress. As spiritual pretence, it may create the illusion that you are ‘living in the moment’, or convince you that you are ascending consciousness. It will conjure up all kinds of false stories to appease you, yet most certainly such satisfaction will be short-lived. Even if you have the wherewithal to feel or say ‘thank you’ soon you will become dissatisfied. Therein begins the process of the rug being pulled under your feet. Saying ‘thank you’ may have helped y the magic carpet of desire a little longer, but magic carpets cannot fly on autopilot.

Joy To The World

It is easy to be thankful for the pleasant things in life, yet are you on detox? In your decision to detox, have you noted certain things you do not want in your life? Is it 7lbs of excess weight, a ‘bad back’, sluggish digestion, a stressed mind or darkness within? Is there that within you for which you are not thankful, that you must clear before you are satisfied?

May I suggest as an experiment that you practise gratitude for everything in life. Who is that one within you which has the wisdom, courage and equanimity to see everything as it is and without consequence, refrain from defining things as good, bad, beautiful, ugly or indifferent? Discover this and absolute peace, contentment and tranquility are endlessly and effortlessly available to you. Simply in just being, you will exude a sense of gratitude, joy and love for life. I am not suggesting becoming an inert spiritual vegetable; being around ‘juicy people’ is not a safe place for vegetables to be.

No Pretence

In fact this contented one is very useful and effective at getting done that which needs to be done. Just as important, it is also clear about what does not need doing. In truth it has no vested interest at all. It is secure in and as itself and does not seek recognition for its achievements. Karma Yoga suggests that action in ‘doing without desire for the fruits of the action’ lets you follow a path towards liberation, possibly enlightenment. It is natural to always be demanding. Personality as the ‘mini-me’ is very calculating, constantly choosing where to invest energy. With that comes the anxious state of needing return on investment. Can you observe such tendencies in your life?

Gratitude is useful; in the moment of being gracious, you practise awareness. This may help realise the innate aware state. Awakening this is one of the most natural, restful and profound yoga paths. Reverting to my question: Why on earth are you reading this article? In doing so is the vibration (Sankalpa) of your being resonating as the fullness of life, joyousness and contentment. The Sanscrit word Santosha, meaning contentment, is one of the early pillars upon which yoga practice is founded. Discover this.

I have not referred to ingratitude or being ungrateful. Well, the endless sky is the space of stardust, from which every atom of you has been birthed. Infinity is your Cosmic Mother. And what does a mother have in store for an ungrateful child? Love, yet likely fewer presents. If it is presents you desire, you can try to play the game of gratitude. The Cosmic Mother knows what is going on. We cannot fool her. As Cat Stevens says, ‘There is no need to pretend!’