Jason Vale Brings You His Brand New Juicer!

The Juice Master Cold Press Juicer Is Finally Here!

Hi all, Jason here and I am proud to announce the launch of my BRAND NEW and UBER STYLISH, JUICE MASTER COLD PRESS juicer.



Watch The Video – It Says It All!

I have been a fan of the Retro Cold Press juicer for a couple of years now. In fact, I liked it so much that I ended up buying the company! However, I am always asking the question ‘how can this be improved?’ and the Juice Master Cold Press is the result of asking that question.

Firstly, we’ve changed the angle of the feeding chute and it’s now more ergonomically designed for even better juice extraction.

Secondly, we’ve made the casing a beautiful jet black coloured stainless steel for greater durability.

Thirdly, we’ve added larger jugs, which makes continuous juicing MUCH easier.

Fourthly, we’ve changed the housing to ensure it looks super slick on your kitchen worktop.

And finally, we’ve colour coded it to make it look very Audi-esque, because that’s what I drive and I love them!

It has already been described as the ‘Dyson of Juice Extractors’ and with a 10-year warranty on the motor, it’s built to last.

There will be many of you out there who already have a good cold press juicer (like the Retro Cold Press) and chances are, you won’t need a new one. However, if you feel ready for an upgrade to reignite your juicing fire. If your juicer is looking a little tired, or you’re ready to take the nutritional leap from a centrifugal juicer and take the quality of your juice to the next level, then this bad boy might be for you! It’s on special launch price till Midnight on Monday so there really is no better time to make a purchase.

Juicing Just Got Serious!

Jason x