There are ingredients and then there are super ingredients – ginger, beetroot, wheatgrass – all of which have incredible powers to improve our health and wellbeing. The natural healing abilities of these ingredients have been well-documented, and they are perennial favourites that feature in many of Juice Master Jason Vale’s recipes and plans. Jason himself swears by a daily ginger shot to get the day started and going in the right direction.

Although Jason always says it’s nature that’s the real genius, Juice Master fans would argue it’s his knowledge that has made juicing a life-changer for so many people. His simple, easy-to-follow approach to nutrition and wellbeing has empowered millions of people to reclaim their health.

It’s hard to build on nature’s perfection, but now the Juice Master has delivered again by making it even easier to enjoy these three super ingredients – plus his own JM Sip blend – with the launch of four new ‘shots’, flash-frozen in 30-day packs and available via his home-delivery service, Juice Master Delivered (

Although shots have always been part of the Juice Master Delivered plans, the new 30-day packs make it even easier to get a shot on the go. Prepared from high quality raw ingredients, the shots can be taken neat or cleverly used as additions to recipes, ensuring you get your nutritional fix without any prep or mess, in no time at all.

Flexible Friends

Juice Master Delivered’s Skye Lyselle says the new 30-day packs offer flexibility for those who love to juice but don’t necessarily have the time or space to do so. “Jason has always included shots as part of his Juice Master Delivered plans,” she says, “and they are a fundamental part of his approach to daily nutrition – he calls the ginger shot his healthy morning espresso!

“One of the biggest concerns people have about embarking on a plan is the time it will take, but the shots take away the hassle and mess by being ready-made, without any compromise on the quality of ingredients. With a pack of each shot in your freezer, you know you are only moments away from great nutrition.”