Our guide to the different types of bike to consider, plus some cool gear on our radar, it’s time to take to two wheels

Fast and furious or free-pedalling downhill, cycling is a great low impact exercise which will boost your cardiovascular fitness. In fact just 150 minutes in the saddle each week – that’s just over 20 minutes each day – can help get you into great shape. With our guide to the different types of bike to consider, plus some cool gear on our radar, it’s time to take to two wheels…

Of course, if you’re not confident to take to the highways, static or exercise bikes are a great alternative. Under a canopy, with his headphones plugged in, Jason loves to use one as a regular part of his exercise programme, along with his trusty rebounder.

Climb A Mountain

Head off the beaten track with a mountain bike. A gem of a buy is Specialized’s Jett Comp 29, £600, with Shimano hydraulic braking, 18 gears and 29” wheels – perfect for epic rides with minimum effort. specialized.com

Specialised Bike

Hit the road

You can cover some serious distance with a lightweight road bike. Prices range up to more than £10,000 for titanium frames, but Cycling Weekly named the 6.8kg Canyon Ultimate CF SLX 8.0, £2,999 its bike of the year. canyon.com

Canyon Bike

Be safe, be seen

Cycling safety is paramount and the clever Lumos incorporates lights, hard brake and turn signals into a helmet that maximises visibility on the road. Creator Eu-wen Ding always used to forget his bike lights but never his helmet, so he designed the Lumos, £130.35 + shipping, which has won numerous awards for its intelligent tech. lumoshlemet.co

Lumos Helmet

Get nowhere fast

Summer weather can be variable, but there’s no need to abandon your cycling minutes. Invest in the Tacx Satori Smart turbo trainer, £176.44. evanscycles.com

Cycle Machine

Go Spin

City riding has its risks, and if you’re less than confident to take to the road, opt for an indoor bike instead. Jason uses Stages Cycling studio bikes at home and at his retreats. Feature-packed, these world-class bikes are great for maintaining year-round fitness. stagesindoorcycling.com

Cycle Machine