When it comes to the right fuel for running a marathon, the common thinking has always been to ‘stock up’ on as many carbohydrates.

With less than 3 weeks until the London Marathon we know how important it is to get the correct fuel on board in preparation for the big day.

This is why we encourage you to download our FREE Running on Juice guide. There’s some great advice and tips on pre and post preparation whether you’re running a full marathon, a half-marathon or any physical challenge.

Carbohydrate Power

When it comes to the right fuel for running a marathon, the common thinking has always been to ‘stock up’ on as many carbohydrates (pasta, rice, bread etc) as possible. However, if you look at the most successful marathon runners in the world (mainly Ethiopians), the last thing they do is consume loads of pasta the day before a race. It is also worth knowing that eight of the best marathon runners in the world not only come from Ethiopia, but the same village! These people are powered by nature’s live water rich foods; fresh fruit, live yogurt, and green leafy vegetables. There isn’t a great deal of water content in pasta or bread. With this in mind I have devised a pre-marathon fuel programme and exactly what to have the day before and on the big day itself. This doesn’t mean pasta and bread are ‘banned’ from the nutrition programme, it simply means that before a run, I highly recommend genuine natural carbohydrates in the form of fruits and vegetables in a smoothie form.

The main focus of advice is what you are consuming before a run and afterwards. Clearly what you have at other times plays a part too, but its not as important as this aspect of the nutritional advise.

The day before the marathon – Saturday 12th April

What To Eat?

We recommend to eat as many bananas and avocados as possible – these are two of nature’s finest super fuels and will provide your system with the right fats; sugars; proteins; vitamins; minerals; organic water and enzymes (the life force contained within all fruits and vegetables).

Have a couple of Turbo Charge Smoothies (recipes are in the free download pack) and drink as much water as is comfortable.

DO NO EXERCISE AT ALL! In fact, as your physical adviser has probably already told you, you shouldn’t exercise much at all the week before the marathon. Feel free to also have some pasta the day before, just make sure its GOOD quality and close to the grain for sustained energy.

On the Marathon Day –  Sunday 13th April…

It takes more energy to try to digest the wrong kinds of food than anything else you can do. With this in mind, it is essential you get as much help with this as possible. When you juice and blend your food you have effectively done most of the bodies hard work for it and, as all the fuel we advise comes direct from nature, it has also been more or less pre- digested by the plant. The two recipes we recommend for the marathon are well balanced and well thought through. They go against the normal carb way of thinking, but the are extremely effective.

A MASSIVE GOOD LUCK to you if you’re running from all of the Juice Master team!

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