‘Don’t spoil your appetite, wait for dinner,’ used to be the general advice for those looking to stay on track nutritionally, but snacking – as long as you nosh knowledgeably – can be better for you.

In fact, some studies suggest that snacking can make our metabolism work more effectively and that we should be fuelling our bodies, sensibly, every three to four hours. The ideal snack should contain fewer than 200 calories and be a balance of carbohydrates, protein and good fats which together stabilise blood sugar levels and help us feel satisfied. Too many refined carbs or sugar and you’ll peak and crash feeling tired, unable to concentrate and even more hungry.

As Juice Master Jason Vale says, being nutritionally prepared with a juice or one of his healthy snack bars is far better than relying on willpower when hunger pangs strike! Think ahead, have a selection of sensible snacks ready and you are more likely
to stick to the good stuff when colleagues pull out the biscuits.

7 to go;

1. Once You Pop – Sprinkle dark chocolate shaving on freshly made popcorn.

2. Bare All – Tuck into a Juice Master Simply Nude Bar – Choose from Orange @ Apricot or Cashew & Cocoa.
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3. Top Of The Pods – Prep a bowl of shelled edamame.

4. Egg-Head – Munch a free-range, hard-boiled egg, served with some green leaves.

5. Roar For Raw – No time to juice? Jason’s Juice SOS! Juice in a bar, veggie or berry, are winners!
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6. An Apple A Day – Try apple slices with a dab of natural nut butter.

7. Go Nuts! – Savour a small handful of almonds, unsalted pistachios or cashews.