Rebounding is a fun and easy way to keep fit at home. With so many options on the market and such a variety of prices which one should you choose? We've put this guide together to help you decide which rebounder is best for you when making this investment in your health.

Spring vs Bungee Rebounders

Rebounders fall into two basic categories, spring and bungee. There are benefits to both types of rebounder once you factor in bounce, quality and price.

Spring Rebounder

  • Firmer bounce makes jogging easier
  • Spring rebounders are often cheaper
  • Springs sometimes need to be replaced
  • Springs can be noisier and need more maintenance

Bungee Rebounder

  • Super soft bounce offered by brands such as Bellicon reduces strains on your joints
  • Quality bungee rebounders can often be more expensive
  • Bungee are virtually silent making them great for use in apartments or at night
  • Deeper bounce works more or your muscles

Features to look out for

Whilst Bungee vs Spring is one of the most important factors, there are also a number of additional features to look out for:

Mat Size

Mat size is an important factor. With a variety of sizes on the market it can be hard to know where to begin. Smaller rebounders are easier to store and use up less floor space, but we wouldn’t recommend that you go any smaller than 40″ (102cm) for safety when exercising. For an optimal workout we strongly advise opting for a 45″ (114cm) model.

Folding/Screw Legs

This is just a simple case of storage, with folding leg models the legs can just be popped out and folded down for easy storage in a matter of seconds. The other benefit to this is that you’ll never go to put your rebounder back together only to find one of the legs have gone missing under the bed! Screw legs do the same job as folding however they can take 1-2 minutes to put together and take apart each time. Folding leg rebounders are more expensive than screw legs but if it means you’re unable to keep it out for any period of time we’d definitely recommend going for the folding option.

Folding Frames

Some rebounders such as the Pro Bounce Rebounder range can also have their frames folded in half, this is a great help when storing your rebounder under a chair or in a cupboard. It’s a feature that’s exclusive to spring rebounders due to how they’re built but it’s definitely a feature to look out for if you opt for a spring rebounder.