She smashed Strictly, charmed us with Britain’s Got Talent, and she’s enjoying musical success once more – we caught up with Alesha Dixon after her recent stay at Juicy Oasis

She’s been the golden girl of Saturday night TV for seven years, showing her talents and guiding those of wannabe stars to become Britain’s next big thing. With her luminescent beauty, infectious laugh and diplomatic touch – the perfect foil to Britain’s Got Talent’s (BGT) blunt-edged male judges – Alesha Dixon has become a household name and a firm family favourite. Who better to be the cover star to launch Juiced!, not least as she enjoys downtime at Juicy Oasis. In fact she credits Juice Master Jason Vale with helping her to get the most from juicing.

I try to juice every day,” she says as she takes a short break between recording BGT. “When I met Jason I was a juicer, but he taught me how to get the right blends. Before, I would experiment with juices and it was a hit or miss affair. I even juiced Brussels sprouts, but they made me feel sick – that said, the whites of my eyes had never been brighter,” she laughs.

Alesha Dixon the person

It’s this self-deprecating sense of humour which makes Alesha Dixon great fun to be around, and whether she’s walking the red carpet or climbing a mountain at Juicy Oasis she’s open, honest and hugely approachable. That’s not to say Alesha’s not one determined lady, a woman who has forged her career through dedication and hard work. With this in mind, first things first, we want to know how – now a busy mum to daughter Azura, almost three – she maintains her stunning flawless skin, hair and nails. An ambassador for Swisse supplements which she takes every day, Alesha incorporates juicing as part of a healthy diet, along with plenty of exercise and sleep.

The key is organisation,” she says. “On a typical day I start with half a pink grapefruit with cinnamon and a bowl of porridge for breakfast, or toasted rye bread with mashed avocado or scrambled egg. I’ll make a juice for lunch, take it to the studio and put it in the fridge.  I’m lucky as my mum lives next door and she’s a hardcore juicer, as is my little brother – they’re forever making juices.

Alesha says the challenge of committing to daily juicing is more than outweighed by the benefits to how she looks and feels. “Juicing makes me feel I’ve been good to myself, and when I’ve had a juice everything falls into place. There are physical benefits too and I juice all the time to help with energy.”

I get up early with Azura and by the time I head to the studio my energy levels are flagging – the odds are against me and I can feel challenged but if I’ve had a juice that’s loaded up with pineapple, for example, it gives me an extra boost to get through the rest of the day. I think the most important things are what we put into our body and sleep – with those sorted, I’m invincible!

Like most of us, a well-earned break also helps to recharge Alesha’s batteries and prepare her for a busy schedule. A big fan of Juicy Oasis, she cherishes her time at the retreat, with Jason alongside to share his nutritional and exercise knowledge. “In the UK, the main problem is the weather,” laments Alesha Dixon, “and sometimes we’re not as inspired to juice, but if we push past that, it can make an enormous difference to our wellbeing. I love being at Juicy Oasis and the combination of glorious sunshine, fabulous juices and fun exercise, plus relaxation is unbeatable.”

Alesha Dixon at Juicy Oasis with friends
Alesha Dixon at Juicy Oasis with friends

Jason is so vibrant, positive and inspiring. I don’t think he realises it but he is amazing and I love his energy, it’s infectious. He’s achieved so much but he’s always looking to take things to the next level and juice the world, which is admirable.” “I love to exercise at Juicy Oasis, and I tried rebounding recently. On my first visit I was secretly pregnant, but this time I got stuck in and I loved doing the yoga. My favourite thing is the walks – beautiful scenery, gentle exercise and, chatting with other guests, you leave the world behind.”

It’s one of my happy places and I feel so alive when I’m there. I think it’s breathing in all that fresh air – it almost hurts your lungs, but it’s so good for us.

As if proof of the regenerative powers of Juicy Oasis were needed, Alesha is powering through a host of exciting projects. In addition to BGT, she has returned to her musical roots and, having released her fourth album, Do It for Love, on her own label, this summer performed a number of gigs. She’s also collaborated with designer Nicola Atkinson to create a fashion line for the Little Black Dress label, with £1 for every dress sold going to women’s charity Refuge.

I’m still hugely ambitious and I would love to try acting at some stage too – I have even started taking acting classes,” she says. “I want to continue to challenge myself and I’d love to do more documentaries too, as I have some ideas about animal protection to explore.

With so many plates to spin, Alesha Dixon says she is also working on mindfulness and achieving a good work-life balance. “This year’s been hectic, and I am trying to be kinder to myself,” she says. “I enjoy my work but you have to focus on what’s important, and being in the moment rather than thinking ahead to the next thing.

The future always takes care of itself and worry is a wasted energy – the only thing we have is now and I try to make that the cornerstone of everything I do. If you’ve got a good grip on life, and can zoom out to look at the bigger picture regularly, it helps keep it all in perspective.

When I go to Juicy Oasis it rejuvenates and realigns me. It’s like putting a car in for a service. I come away thinking about my body, what I put into it and achieving balance. I like to look after my body so it will look after me in the future.

Just like the talents that she spots and supports on BGT, the future looks set to continue to shine as brightly as it always has for Alesha Dixon.

Source: Juiced! Magazine (Issue 1)

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