It’s magic is renowned, but what is it that makes Juicy Mountain so special? We asked three equally special guests what it is that draws them back to Jason’s rustic retreat, time and again.

We all know the lure of an amazing place which makes us feel special whenever we visit, so it comes as no surprise that Juice Master Jason Vale’s original retreat, Juicy Mountain in Turkey, has become a magical place for so many people.

Jason and his team have always cherished the rustic simplicity of Juicy Mountain and who better to describe its unique powers than three ladies who have returned to the mountain, time and again, to recharge their magic mojo…

Juicy Mountain Makes Me Feel Alive

“Amazingly it’s been 13 years since I first bumped into Jason Vale at a talk he was giving on juicing to promote his book, Slim For Life, and I was just blown away,” says Emma Ferry. “I love his story, books and personality and the rest, as they say, is history. I’ve been to both of his retreats, but there is something amazing about Juicy Mountain and the people connected with it that keeps me going back.

“In 2007, I went to Juicy Mountain for the first time and the results were shocking – people kept asking what I had been doing. We’re all critical of ourselves, but even I could see the difference – I had bright, white eyes, I felt trim and even though my adrenal glands are usually bursting at the seams with stress, the detox left me feeling amazing with no toxins, a suntan and all the sleep I could want!

“It’s not just the results though. I enjoy being with like-minded people and when you’re there, everyone is on the same level. It’s an incredibly humbling experience – there are people who have scraped the money together to be on retreat and there are billionaires, but Juicy Mountain strips away all the layers. When it comes down to it, the only things that matter are our health and wellbeing. I usually go to Juicy Mountain for two weeks and it’s my time for reflection. I keep fit throughout the year and enjoy being active, but I love throwing myself into all of the activities on offer, especially rebounding which is a crack! I always learn something new on retreat – ten years ago I discovered coconut oil and it’s changed my life, it’s all I use now. You come away feeling like you’re full of rocket fuel, it’s just amazing.

Coming Home

“I’ve been to Juicy Oasis three times and it has the luxury and spa treatments, but it’s quite big and you can disappear yourself. At Juicy Mountain, there’s a warmth and community which I adore – you go back to basics, pare everything away and everyone goes through the ups and downs of cleansing together. It feels very familiar, like coming home, and the minute I arrive and put my bag down, my shoulders drop and I instantly feel relaxed. Time is my premium resource and I can never get it back, so Juicy Mountain gives me a hit of feeling alive, gets my head back into gear and helps me to rebalance. It’s not a magic wand, but Juicy Mountain is my place to retreat and reboot.”

“I’ll always go as long as it’s there”

“Juicy Mountain has changed our lives,” laughs Katrina Tindell who, together with husband Keith (above), has visited Juicy Mountain for ten consecutive years. “We go every May for a week and in October for two weeks, and it is a truly special place for us,” she says.

“We used to go to Greece for a month every year, but I became a bit of a couch potato, driving everywhere, eating, drinking and sitting by the pool. I remember on one particular trip I had read all my books and I bought OK! Magazine and read a feature on Jason Vale’s 7-Day Challenge and I thought, ‘I like the sound of that’. I ordered the book and when I got home I did the plan and lost 7lbs in one week.

“In the book, I read about Juicy Mountain and immediately booked a trip with my husband and from the moment we arrived we felt at home. We threw ourselves into the activities, which is how I got into exercising. I now do eight classes a week and my husband and I are big walkers and we will happily cover 15 miles or more while we’re out.

“Juicy Mountain is amazing and there’s a happiness I feel when I’m there, I’ve constantly got a smile on my face. It really has changed my life – I have a lot more confidence and I never would have thought I would know as much as I do about nutrition. I juice every day, usually at breakfast and, as I make my juice each morning, I often think it’s all because of that one article I read.”

It’s Got The Soul I Need

“I discovered Juicy Mountain six years ago,” says Biba Binotti. “The year before, I had been diagnosed with a malignant melanoma and it was a wakeup call to start looking after my health. I read about juicing and a friend recommended Juicy Mountain for a break as I was exhausted and feeling burnt out.

“Juicy Mountain was full but I got a call to say that there had been a cancellation – it felt like divine intervention and that it transformational and I came back
feeling so amazing with a zest for life again. Juicy Mountain definitely captures the essence of Jason, and the team are amazing, they make it so special, plus the other guests are real fun and interesting characters.

“The mountain itself is stunning and it affects you both physically a boot camp and you set your own pace to do as little or as much as you like. Watching the videos about health and nutrition in the evening was all the food I needed and it completely changed my mindset about what I put into my body.

A Place To Dream

“Now I go to Juicy Mountain at least twice a year, usually in May and September, and sometimes I sneak in an extra visit. Those weeks are non-negotiable as it’s the one place I can go and guarantee that I will come back feeling brilliant.

“I have been with my mum and partner on different trips, and I do also love spending time there by myself. The first three days on retreat I like to do my own thing
and I love that you can be private and contemplative if you want, or hang out and chat with people who are similarly focused on their wellbeing. Physically too the programme is brilliant and I love to throw myself into all the activities that are on offer.

“I celebrated my 50th birthday at Juicy Mountain, which I hired out and took friends and family to share this wonderful place. The programme works perfectly and it was a brilliant excuse to get people out there to try it – in fact most of them have gone back, they fell in love with Juicy Mountain too.

“I’ve been to Juicy Oasis in Portugal a few times too, when Juicy Mountain is out of season, and it is a beautiful place but I prefer the mountain, it’s got the soul I need – there’s nothing like doing yoga on the platform and the reality is even more stunning in real life. Each time I go, I come back brimming with dreams and ideas, it really is a totally magical place.”