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Love Lift Smoothie

Easy Recipe
SERVES 1 Serves 1


  • 1 x large RAW Beetroot bulb (the beetroot must be raw)
  • 1 x large handful of cubed Watermelon (keep the skin on)
  • 1 x Handful of Red Grapes
  • 1 x Pomegranate


Cut the pomegranate in half, turn each half upside down and tap the back (skin side) with a wooden spoon over a bowl to release the pomegranate juice ‘sacks’. Add to a blender, along with the watermelon, red grapes and beetroot juice. After blending use a sieve / strainer to make the juice smooth and remove the pulp. Pour over ice. Please note this juice oxidises quickly so needs to be kept in a cold dark place before drinking.

Watermelon is often described as nature’s own viagra due to containing the amino acid L-citrulline, which the body converts to another amino acid L-Arginine. This increases blood flow by creating nitric oxide which helps to broaden the blood vessels. Watermelon is the highest food source of L-citrulline, making it great for cardio health and sufferers of erectile dysfunction. Pomegranates have been shown to increase and improve blood flow. They are High in nitric oxide content which helps broaden arteries, making it good for getting and maintaining an erection. Beetroot juice helps to lower blood pressure. High blood pressure can hinder erectile function, so by lowering it naturally with beetroot juice can help blood flow. Red grape juice raises testosterone levels and lowers oestrogen levels.

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