We spoke to Maureen Haigh who has managed to quit her sweet tooth addiction all thanks to juicing…

What got you in to juicing?

I started my juice diet at the end of June last year after reading about Jason Vale and Juice Master. I did loads of research as I had tried every diet under the sun.

I knew I had a bad relationship with food, for me savoury food just didn’t agree with me and I didn’t like the taste.  All I ever wanted was sweet things. I would binge on sweet stuff every evening and throughout the night, so any normal diet where you had to eat right just did not work for me.

What programme did you follow?

This was my last chance, so I bought the book 7lbs in 7 days book, I then bought the juicer, and finally I bought all the fruit and vegetables. On day one I was a bit scared that I would hate the taste of the juice, but I have to say I actually really enjoyed the taste.

I went on to do a 28 day detox!

I just had a meal at the weekends with family. This year I also did the 5lbs in 5 days programme.

What were your results?

5 months on  I was 25lb lighter. I still go off for weekends away and spoil myself with something sweet, but as soon as I get home I’m back on the juices, it’s my way of life now, they have changed my life, thanks to Jason and all of you at HQ

What’s your favourite juice?

Turbo Express


  • 1/4 small pineapple
  • 1/2 stick celery
  • 1 inch chunk of cucumber
  • 1 small handful of spinach leaves
  • 1 small piece of peeled lime
  • 2 apples – not Granny Smiths
  • 1/4 ripe avocado
  • Ice

Juicing Instructions:

  • Juice the pineapple, celery, cucumber, spinach, lime and apples. (If you have a Phillips whole-fruit juicer, put in one apple, place the other ingredients on top and then finish up with the other apple).
  • Place the ripe avocado flesh in the blender / smoothie maker along with the ice and juice mixture.
  • Give a good whiz for 45 seconds (or until smooth).
  • Pour into glass – enjoy!

Why is this good for me?

This juice is rich in potassium, vitamin C and iron, which helps cleanse the intestine and boost the immune system. It is excellent for rebuilding red blood cells and reducing blood pressure. It is also helpful with kidney problems and acts as a diuretic. The blended avocado contains all of our body’s six dietary needs in abundance – water, fat, protein, natural sugar, vitamins and minerals.