This incredible testimonial from Andrea Okos follows her juicy journey from previous juice challenges, right up to one of our most recent global juicing extravaganzas. Here’s how she got on…

I took on The Big Summer Juice Detox for the third time and lost 10 lbs in 7 days. I feel great! I’m going to the gym a lot – even after a long day at work, when I think I am not going to make it, still even if at 8pm–I am there. I hardly leave a day without exercising now; my energy levels have just gone through the roof!”

“My biggest achievement through juicing is not just the weight loss, although that has been an amazing bonus– but getting rid of my eczema. It has completely cleared. No more red, sore and itchy skin… it’s now just smooth and clear.”


“For me, coffee is still a challenge. Interestingly I can always stop drinking coffee when I am on the program and some days after, but as soon as I start again saying just one, I go back again gradually to more then that. At least it’s black with nothing in it. As I left out dairy when I first started juicing, which helped me a lot as well.”

“I have been juicing with Jason at least quarterly now since Oct 2013. I have sent in pictures sometimes after 18 lbs loss. By now, the overall loss is 35 lbs. I’m over the moon!

“Thank you Jason and your team for helping me to make such huge positive changes in my life. Words can’t express how grateful I am.”*