If you’re in need of a little inspiration today, take a look at this phenomenal testimonial from Angie Taylor following her own juice journey…

I can honestly say that juicing saved my life! I started this amazing journey after receiving the result of a blood test that was less than stellar. I didn’t feel the least bit sick, so you can imagine my shock when I saw the following: an LDH (Lactic Acid Dehydrogenase) count at 438, ALT (Alanine Transaminase) at 42 and AST (GOT) at 46. Those numbers, along with the fact that my mother was suffering with diabetes and severe heart disease, were enough to slap me awake and make me take notice. No, I could no longer afford to hide my terrible diet behind a closet-full of dark, frumpy clothes (size 24/26). That little piece of paper forced me to take an honest look in the mirror…which, in turn, led me to finally step on a scale and admit that I was morbidly obese…at 5’3 weighing 307 pounds (139.5 kilograms). That, I believe, was my version of “rock bottom.” I was digging my own grave via food, and I had to make a change.”


“I challenged myself on the “7lbs in 7 days diet” and could not believe how well my body responded. It was nowhere near as difficult as I had assumed it would be, and my body began to release the weight that it no longer needed. Whereas others around me initially saw me as starving myself, I was finally feeding my body and soul in a way that was truly healing.”

“Since starting my journey, I have dropped a total of 106 pounds (48 kilograms). My LDH has dropped to 198, with my ALT at 8 and AST at 17. Other blood test results that were too low have risen to the normal range level; those that were too high have also dropped to within normal range. My hair and nails are longer and stronger; my skin is clearer and softer. Yes, I look many years younger!! I have gone from a size 24/26 to a size 10/12. I have also dropped half a shoe size. I can see bones for the first time in decades! I crave fruit and vegetables now, and I rarely eat meat. Those around me are finally starting to understand that it was never about “crash dieting” or “not eating food.”

Angie Taylor After

“I simply can’t find enough words to thank Mr. Vale and others like him who guide us to better health. The endless ripples from their efforts are immeasurable. This journey through juice has given me the chance to finally understand the value of having a healthy body and living a healthier lifestyle.”

“Thank you from my heart!”*