Juice Master teamed-up with Champneys Forest Mere this weekend to offer guests the 3-Day Juice Detox Programme from ‘Keeping It Simple’.

Just a few comments from the guests:

“Fantastic time! I brought my daughter who didn’t realise it was a juice retreat, but she has loved every minute of it. We have had a great time. The team have been fantastic, everyone is really friendly, the setting is perfect here at Champneys, looking forward to continuing to juice when we get home.” Sophie and Romy.

“We have just completed the three days which has been a continuation from a number of other of Jason’s programmes. It’s been fantastic, inspiring.” Anna

“It makes the programme so easy to do being around like minded people, I have enjoyed the classes – I haven’t incorporated exercise before – but I definitely will now,” Emma

3-Day Detox Programme at Champneys

The Champneys 3-day juice break is based on Jason Vale’s 3-Day Detox from the ‘Keeping It Simple’ book with a few Funky Fresh recipes thrown in for good measure!  Whether you want to slim down, get healthy or just need a little juice-fueled pick-me-up this programme is the perfect way to clean your system.

The plan will give you some of nature’s finest liquid super fuel in a completely relaxing and picturesque environment. With Jason’s unique 3-day Super Juice Detox programme you will also begin to understand his principles for a permanently slim, trim and healthy body.