“Juicing has, quite literally, saved my life and although I am approaching 60, nobody believes I am that old when I tell them my age.”

As the Juice Master’s own juice journey shows, juicing has far-reaching effects on our health and wellbeing. Whether it’s weight loss, better skin, improved health, increased energy levels or enhanced mental clarity, juicing – quite literally – changes lives.

For Penny Moreton (left), juicing was the catalyst for a journey that has taken her around the world. Penny had endured a lifetime of bowel disease, and
stress played a key factor in triggering three major episodes of illness in 2007, 2010 and 2013. Finally diagnosed with ulcerative colitis and prescribed a range of medication by a series of consultants, conventional treatments failed to improve her condition.

Frustrated, Penny started to investigate holistic healing and discovered Juice Master Jason Vale. Encouraged by what she learned about the positive
benefits of juicing, she invested in a juicer and two of Jason’s books, Turbo-charge Your Life in 14 Days and the 7-Day Juice Challenge.

Noticing a change in her health after following the 7-day plan, Penny read about Jason’s retreat, Juicy Oasis, in the book and immediately contacted the
Juice Master team to beg for a place during Jason’s last week in Portugal, in September 2014.

“I arrived at Juicy Oasis and threw myself into everything,” says Penny. “With Jason at the helm I finally felt like a weight had been lifted and there
was the potential to tackle my health in a different way. I remember hearing him give a fantastic talk and asking, “What will you do if you do nothing?” and it triggered something in my subconscious.

“Leaving Juicy Oasis, I felt better than I had in years, and I bought a juicer and blender and resolved to drink a quart of green juice every day. I started to experiment with other recipes and cut out refined sugar from my diet. I was never overweight and had always eaten a fairly clean diet, but after a year of juicing my health started to turn a massive corner, much to the amazement of the consultants I was still seeing.

“I embarked on the 28-day Super Juice Me! programme and increased my raw-food intake before returning to Juicy Oasis in autumn 2015 where I had the opportunity to share my juicing success story with Jason.

“By now I was enjoying two or three juices every day and my symptoms had all but gone. My energy levels had surged and I was running marathons and ultramarathons, which was an incredible turnaround from where I had been physically and mentally just a year before. In addition to juicing, I had completely transformed my diet, which is now largely vegan with plenty of avocados and supplemented by oily fish, three times a week.

“Three days after I returned from Juicy Oasis, I had an appointment with a consultant and he decided that I was cured, which was incredible. I told him about the transformation that juicing had made to my health and he was intrigued to investigate the Juice Master and FoodMatters® sites as an alternative way to tackle bowel disease.

Big Adventures

“A year later, I undertook a journey around the world, something I would never have considered previously. Now I felt in control of my health and I wanted to share my experience of reclaiming my life and the new vitality that I had discovered along the way.

“I travelled to Australia to meet James Colquhoun and Laurentine ten Bosch, founders of FoodMatters®, and returned to Juicy Oasis for a third visit which really felt like a homecoming. It’s my intention to return each year as it was the place where my journey of health recovery began, and I feel so grateful to Jason and his team.

“Juicing has, quite literally, saved my life and although I am approaching 60, nobody believes I am that old when I tell them my age.

“I do get quite evangelical about my health and how changing my diet was the answer to my illness. I worry about the pressures that consumption of refined sugar and fat is putting upon the world, and the effects on the health of future generations.”

“It’s happening everywhere, even in developing countries whose diets are changing and becoming more westernised, and we need to seriously alter the way we think about food and health to make positive change.

“My juicy journey has undoubtedly transformed my life and introduced me to people and places that I would never otherwise have experienced. I will always be grateful for the second chance that juicing has given me, to live my life to the full.”