Brenda Fowler explains her juice journey after taking on two of Jason’s juice challenges and why juicing has changed her life…

I am 73 and I have always been active; mainly by doing yoga twice a week. In January this year I stumbled upon Jason Vale by accident on the Internet, so I started by doing the 7lbs in 7 Days and felt so much better– so I went on to do the Super Juice Me! 28 Day Juice Challenge.”


“The results were fantastic. My blood pressure came right back to normal 120/80 and I am now tablet free. I lost 1 and a half stone now down to 8 stone. My hair and skin are so much better but the best results were the knee pain has gone, my energy levels have shot up, I now do 6 classes a week (2 yoga, 1 boogie dance, 1 Pilates, 1 ballroom) and I have just started a ballet class which I haven’t done for over 23 years. I also did a ‘Danceathon’ for Comic Relief where I danced non stop from 10am until 3.30pm. I wouldn’t have had the energy before juicing! I still have the ginger shot every morning, and 2 juices a day, with a salad or soup. I had a hip replacement 6 years ago but with the weight loss and the new level of energy I feel 20 years younger.”

“So from a Peckham girl to a Peckham Boy THANK YOU JASON and your lovely team.*”