We spoke to Brendan Turner who told us that he’s lost an incredible 6 stone since he started juicing! Plus, he has kicked his smoking addiction…

How did you get in to juicing

I got into Juicing through my sister, Lauren, she is a huge Juice Master fan and has done ‘7lbs in 7 Days’ many times – she has also been to a conference that Jason was speaking at in Dubai.

I noticed a change in her life and she kept telling me to try it. I was just over 20 stone (130kgs) and really unhappy and uncomfortable. I was a heavy smoker and was diagnosed with sleep apnea at the age of 26.

I began by trying out the ‘Stop Smoking in 2 Hours’ app, thinking that it might work. I woke up the morning after doing the app and listening to Jason talk and didn’t want a cigarette at all. I have never had another cigarette since and hate the smell now as well! That was about 7 months ago.

In July this year I went on holiday with my sister and she got me reading ‘7lbs in 7 Days’ and I also watched ‘Fat sick and nearly dead.’ I realised if I stuck to juicing I could improve my health. I bought a juicer and began following Jason’s advice.

Which programme did you follow?

I followed the 7lbs in 7days, followed by the Turbo Charge your life in 14 Days. After the 14 day plan I did another 7lbs in 7days with a friend of mine.

Would you recommend it to anyone else?

Yes, I would and I have, so far I have managed to get 7 people into juicing, and many more interested in a different way of eating, not just juicing but following a healthier lifestyle without processed foods.

What were your results?

After my first 7 day plan I had lost about 8 kilograms, I then carried on juicing and eating as healthy as possible, sticking to the 14 day plan.

After 80 days of pure health I had lost 5 stone (31 kgs), it is now day 98 and I have lost just over 6 stone (38.1 kgs.)

How has juicing changed your life?

Juicing has changed my life in so many ways. Jason has been a huge inspiration to me and firstly has helped me stop smoking, helped me set myself in a new career direction and clear my mind so I make better decisions in my life.

I no longer suffer from sleep apnea and actually after the first week of juicing began sleeping very well, the best sleep I have had in years. My breathing and general skin and hair condition have improved so much. The energy levels changed within the first 4 days of changing my diet, I began exercising and started to run again, I am now running and exercising more than four times a week.

The biggest change that I have had from juicing is the craving, all I really want is fresh healthy raw vegetables and salads. I went from eating a lot of meat, crisps, bread and thinking vegetarians were crazy, to not eating any red meat, or refined carbohydrates and occasionally eating fresh fish. It is not that I have lost the taste for red meats, or that I have limited myself to eating nothing but healthy food, I have just no desire to eat anything that will not benefit my body. Watching the documentaries ‘Forks over knives’ and “Food Inc’ really helped me too. I feel that Jason managed to break through to me the importance of what is good for me and not in a condescending way or a patronising way, but in a constructive way. This led me to utilise the quote, ” the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again expecting a different result.” In the context of juicing and food, the western world has so many health issues from obesity to prescription pill addictions which is down to diet. To break free from this mould of ‘modern society’ I realised that fuelling my body correctly is the most important thing I can do to expect a different result.

I subsequently have started to research food and to really look at the labels of food in the shops, as soon as I see any processed ingredients or anything that makes me question how natural the item is, I stay away from it. I used to drink about 10 – 15 cups of coffee/tea a day and now I am only drinking water and herbal teas. I might go back to drinking tea and coffee one day but for the moment I am enjoying being caffeine free!

Another big change was in my eyes, when I was really unhealthy my eyes were getting worse and worse, I couldn’t wear contact lenses anymore. Now that I have changed my diet I am able to wear contact lenses again and my optician has noticed a huge difference in my eyes. I have also developed better knowledge about the food industry and woken up to the fact that processed foods are really affecting everyone’s health. Juicing has helped my whole family, my sister (who is looking really healthy) started us all off, my Mum and Dad have both started juicing and my Dad has lost 9kgs so far.

In short juicing has snowballed me into a really healthy state of mind and understanding of food, and helped me improve my lifestyle.

What is your favorite Juice?

My favourite juice is the ginger shot followed by a lemon and ginger zinger! Another favourite was the Mango ‘bio live’ energiser that I had at the Juice Master bar in Dubai mall!

The Ginger Shot!

Juicing Ingredients:

  • 1/2 Apple
  • 1 inch chunk of Ginger

Juicing Instructions

It’s really easy – chop an apple in half and cut off a chunk of ginger from the root to taste (Jason recommends roughly a 1 inch chunk) – place both in the juicer.

Serving Suggestion

When done, place in a shot glass and down – get ready for a wake up call!