We spoke to Carrie Kennedy who’s not only lost 80 lbs since juicing, but she no longer takes insulin or metformin!

How did you get into juicing?

Two years ago I listened to Jason talk about the benefits of juicing on the documentary “Hungry For Change”, and I was inspired to start juicing!

I started juicing that week with his app and ebook. I was overweight, tired…really tired, I had diabetes (insulin 4 times a day and metformin), I had headaches etc. I felt yucky and was feeling hopeless.

I was actually trying to find ways to accept my life like that. I had two young kids and so much to live for, yet I couldn’t even walk them to the park.

What programme did you follow?

Once I started juicing it was amazing! I started with a 7lbs in 7 day programme, then continued with a juice in the morning.

What were your results?

I have lost 80 pounds (and counting)…20-30 more to go! I no longer take insulin or metformin. My blood sugar has been normal for a year and my doctor is AMAZED at how quick I was able to do that!

I no longer have headaches, and I’m really not tired any more. I ran my first half marathon in October last year and my second one is planned for June! I feel amazing. I have taken several nutrition courses and am now helping others to juice!

THE BEST PART! My kids love juice and making juice with me. My daughter has digestive issues and my son has autism, the juice has been a great way to get loads of good stuff into them!

I can’t wait to see the documentary and can’t thank Jason enough for sharing his knowledge and changing my life! WOW!