We spoke to Cindy Davison about her incredible journey whilst taking part in the Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan and how juicing has changed her life…

After watching Super Juice Me! The Big Juice Experiment I was so inspired that I had to try it! Prior to juicing for 28 days I had given up all grains, dairy, sugar, processed foods, soy, corn/vegetable oil and ate organically grown foods as much as possible. I feel this really got me in the right frame of mind to start juicing!”


“I had been on blood pressure meds in the past and knew if/when I lost weight that I wouldn’t need them anymore. I’m an RN and take my own BP on a regular basis. So I had actually stopped taking my medication (yep, prior to discussing it with my doctor) on 8/29/15, at the time I removed all the “bad nasties” from my diet as mentioned above. I started the program on 9/14/15. My BP when I started juicing was 152/88 and when I finished it was 138/84. The medication made me feel dizzy at times and now since I’m off it and with the lower BP, which will get even lower as I continue to lose weight, I won’t have the dizzy spells any longer. Yay Me!”

“My clothes size was 20, now I’m wearing 18 and some are a size 16. And the weight loss is noticeable! People that I haven’t seen during the juicing program saw me afterwards and said “did you lose weight?” “Yes I did…thank you for noticing.” ;)”

“My eczema has vastly improved! And the whites of my eyes are clearer…they were always, every day, red… they could be whiter, but the journey towards whiteness has started! I sleep better, I’m more patient with people and have a better mood and my energy is sooo much better!”

“I’ll be incorporating juicing along with my journey of eating in a healthy manner….no grains, no dairy, no soy, no sugar, nothing processed, low HI and organically grown. A big “thank you” to Jason for providing the tools for a life changing journey!“*