When Juiced! Magazine reader Danielle Drayton won a trip for two to Juicy Mountain, She had no idea it would be such a life-changing experience.

When Juiced! magazine reader Danielle Drayton won a trip for two to Juicy Mountain, Jason’s Turkish retreat, in our launch issue, she had no idea it would be a life-changing experience. But the power of juice often surprises people. Danielle and her husband Rhys first heard Juice Master Jason Vale when he spoke at a seminar alongside personal development maestro Tony Robbins. Inspired by Jason’s talk, the couple immediately went home and watched Super Juice Me!, his groundbreaking documentary. Having suffered from ulcerative colitis for ten years, Danielle knew she had to start to juice. Embarking upon a seven-day plan, boosted by cabbage shots, the couple were quickly hooked on this amazing source of liquid nutrition. Danielle’s colitis was soon in remission and amazingly her prescription medication was reduced from 12 to one tablet per day, and she ceased to need anti-inflammatory injections for her condition.

Spiritual Experience

As part of her juicy journey, Danielle picked up a copy of Juiced! magazine and saw our competition to win a trip. “I imagined how amazing it would be to stay at Juicy Mountain with that incredible view, and to learn so much from professionals for a week in peace and quiet,” says Danielle. “When I received the email saying we had won, I couldn’t believe it and I felt a mixture of sheer joy, excitement and shock.

“I was a bit nervous before we left, in case we wouldn’t be able to handle all of the exercise and activities on offer at the retreat, but as soon as we arrived and I met the team I relaxed. Chatting with other guests, I realised almost half of them had been previously and that put my mind at ease immediately.

“We were both surprised by how the more exercise we did, the more energised we felt”

“On day one I got my first taste of rebounding, which is now my favourite exercise. I also played volleyball for the first time, which I loved, and we were both surprised by how the more exercise we did, the more energised we felt.”

“Rhys and I had decided that as we had been given this amazing opportunity, we were going to do every activity on the schedule and give it everything we had. We tackled ‘The Climb’, which has a bit of a reputation as a tough challenge, and at the beginning of the week we completed it in a respectable 1hr 2mins. We were determined to beat this and, although it was really hard, we shaved 11 minutes off our time on our second attempt, which was a huge achievement.”

“We enjoyed a fantastic juice workshop and experienced delicious real fresh lemonade made by the team, and both Rhys and I started to crave juices – we couldn’t believe that we didn’t feel hungry at all. In fact our first meal before we left Göcek was an avocado salad, and we couldn’t finish it!”

“At the retreat we also got to try meditation, which I was a bit nervous about as I didn’t know how to and thought I wouldn’t be any good, but it turns out no one is really amazing at it! Thoughts will always come into your head, but it’s about recognising this and refocusing on your breathing.”

“Juicy Mountain is a truly magical, spiritual place and I was able to empty my mind, forget about the world back home, focus and relax. One day a member of the team read a poem at the ‘Limestone Mountain’, which made me cry – I felt so moved and lucky to experience such a special moment.

Make A Wish

“Experiencing a holiday where you interact with other people so much was new to us, and one we definitely want to repeat. On the last day we all made a wish on the ledge, overlooking the incredible view from the mountain, and mine was to return to Juicy Mountain every year from now on.”

“Back in the UK, I came home to find my clothes looser and we had both lost eight pounds over the week. I felt stronger and leaner and had so much energy and vitality. We have continued to eat clean and juice every day, and we have no intention of stopping!”