Read the first instalment of our diary with Donna Mortimer who is embarking on a 60 day juicing diet…

How did you get in to juicing?

I have seen many people do many diets and I myself had attempted some in the past . I watched lots of documentaries on eating healthy, and have read a lot online about juicing .  So I thought I would give it a try.

I went to the doctors on or around 17th December 2013 and spoke to him about my plans. He weighed me and I weighed 123kg. He asked me to come back in a month. So as Christmas was drawing near I asked my son to buy me a juicer for Christmas. Over Christmas I ate as normal and enjoyed it. On the 3rd of January 2014 I started my first day of a 60 day juice.

What programme did you follow?

I followed a mixture of programmes and recipes from Jason Vale and recipes online. I was living on 3x 500ml juice a day and a lot of water and green tea.

What were your results?

On the 17th January I attended the Drs and we spoke about the juicing and I showed him pictures and told him how great I feel. He then asked me to stand on the scales. I knew I had lost weight I was not sure how much. So imagine the shock when it was a 14 kg lose taking me to 109kg in just 2 weeks.

The Dr was shocked at how great it is working and is now going to look into the juicing plan! I will see him in another month .

I have been booked in for a full blood test. Since the Drs appointment I have lost another 3lbs.