We spoke to Gill Hill who told us all about her incredible journey from starting with Jason’s bestselling 7-Day Juice Challenge, to taking on the ‘daddy’ of all plans– the Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Challenge. Here’s how Gill has found her experience– and why she’ll never look back…

My starting weight was a huge shock to me before beginning my juice journey. 19st 12lbs! I suffered from cellulitis, back problems, my left foot was swollen and very uncomfortable and I was very unfit. Even walking up the smallest of inclines or standing, ironing and washing the dishes could be a challenge.


“After a week of juicing my other half had lost 18lbs, my daughter had lost 6lbs and I had lost a whopping 14lbs. Wow! I decided to carry on for the full 28 days. I lost a further 14lbs and felt fantastic– I was sleeping really well, had no aches or pains and my foot was almost back to normal size.”

“My adventure continued, not solely on juice but adding in mostly plant based meals. We travelled as a family to Juicy Mountain for a week at the end of April. We had a fantastic time at this magical place. We met some lovely people and I overcame some demons and found ‘me’ again. I started to incorporate more exercise into my daily routine. The dog thinks she’s died and gone to heaven! I joined a running club last month and I’m really enjoying it. Only doing two miles so far, combining walking and running but hey, it’s a start. We often do a three-day juice only and this has become ‘routine’.”


“Any way to sum up: I am the healthiest I have been for 25 years, lost 72lbs so far, not ‘dieting’ and not eating low fat/no fat chemical rubbish and not jumping on the scales every week! I have also been told that I look younger than my 52 years!”

“We intend to carry on our juicy adventure. Good luck to everyone, whether you are just starting out or a seasoned juicy veteran!“*