In total so far I have lost 21lbs and I've stopped smoking...

“At the beginning of July I was on depression medication to help me sleep. I weighed 200lbs and felt generally unwell. I had tried to exercise and give up smoking previously without success, but this time I meant business!”

“I stopped my medication and threw away the cigarettes and started juicing on the 16th July with juice only. I can honestly say the first 4 days were a real struggle, but then on day 5 I felt great, I was waking-up at 4-5am but not feeling tired or sluggish so started going to the gym and working out.”

“By day 12 I was feeling amazing, around day 13 I fell off the juicing wagon and had some junk food which my body really didn’t like, so back to the juice I went. Feeling this good became addictive and I have now signed up for a half marathon!”

“I am in training so I have added some protein shakes and having evening meals on the weekend. In total so far I have lost 21lbs and I’ve stopped smoking.”