We spoke to Jill Martin about her incredible experience after taking on Jason’s Super Juice Me! 28-Day Challenge. Here’s how she got on…

I did it! I completed the full 28 Day Challenge and I couldn’t be more proud of myself. Weight loss 33lbs/15kg!”

“I feel great, I have lost the weight but also my skin is clear and soft, my hair is shiny and I have energy and feel great all the time. It has really made me realise that what you put into your body is super important as it affects mood and zest for life. I am starting to exercise more which is making me feel even better.”


“My favourite juice is either Protein Rich Powerhouse or Oxygen Elixir– both delicious! I would recommend the plan to anyone and I have. My mother has started juicing, as have three other friends.”

“This initially started as a friend told me about the plan and how well it had worked for her. Then once I tried it and the weight started to come off I was inspired to carry on. I have lots more weight still to lose but now have the tools I need to succeed.”*