This incredible testimonial sent in by Joanne Cartmill explains her amazing journey on Jason's 28-Day Juice Plan and why she wants to continue...

“I have just been Super Juiced! Feeling positive and ready to start another 28 days! Still got lots more weight to lose. But just wanted to thank you, for a super great plan, with fantastic juices, that taste great, but make you feel great too!

I’ve lost 19 lbs, 3″ from waist, 3″ from bust and 3″ off hips!

I’ve been doing yoga 4 times a weeks and my back pain has improved greatly, I haven’t needed to take my medication for my gallstones, as I have not had any gall related problems since starting the programme. I think friends and family are getting fed up of me taking about juicing, but are supportive and happy with my results, I did have coffee twice, and did eat food 2 evenings, but hormones got the better of me! But stayed on track, my cravings for sugar have gone which is a miracle!!

I intend to do another 28 days, then will continue with 2 shakes and main meal until I reach my goal weight, which I won’t be revealing until I’m there!

I turn 40 this year and intend to be healthier and slimmer for my Vegas trip, a new year and new me! Thanks again!”