We spoke to fitness instructor and personal trainer Joanne Hubbick about her amazing experience during the Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Challenge

I teach a lot of high energy classes such as Spinning/Zumba/Circuit classes and Pilates, so my days are very active. I also have several PT clients. I join in with their sessions too as I like to practise what I preach! After hearing clients talking about juicing, I was interested in experiencing the Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Challenge for myself…”

“I must say it hasn’t been easy but I’m so glad that I have now completed it! My energy levels initially struggled along with severe migraine type headaches. But after about 5 days I started to feel much better, my hair/skin and energy levels all started to improve greatly. I lost 30lbs on the plan, which was incredible! Can’t believe the results and am a total convert! Everyone, keeps saying I should be wearing a “Running on Juice” Tee Shirt and keep asking me my secret. I have had lots of comments like “I couldn’t do that” and “How can you do that with your job”. Well you can, because I did! Ready for a few Triathlons now but think I will need to buy a new wetsuit, so that’s the downside!”

“Am promoting and along with you want everyone to experience this one way or another! My next mission to save up for a retreat break. Thanks Jason. Feeling very inspired.”*