We spoke to Kirsty Winders about her incredible journey through juicing and how she will never look back…

I finished the Super Juice Me! 28 Day Juice Plan last Friday. There were a number of reasons for doing it but the main reason was to get over my sugar addiction. The amount of chocolate and cake I was eating was really rather scary and was making me feel ill…but I couldn’t stop! After watching the Super Juice Me! documentary I decided this was exactly what I needed to do to break the cycle.”

My Results:

1 and half stone off
15 inches lost
Sciatica and back pain gone
Skin improved


“I’m now making sure I have at least one juice a day (if not two) and a healthy meal made with wholesome unprocessed ingredients. There are definite ups and down throughout the 28 days so I hope this gives a bit of inspiration to keep people going!“*