We spoke to Laura Corbett about her experience after the Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Challenge

Within 5 days of the 28-Day Juice Challenge, all of my sensitivities, mental symptoms, and other physical symptoms were gone, along with most of the fatigue, and pain symptoms. It took about a week for the exhaustion part of the ‘fatigue’ to be gone completely, and throughout the month the rest of my pain has eased gradually.”

“I now have so much energy, I have gradually built up my Yoga sessions to 5 times a week have started walking the dogs daily again, increasing the distance after the first week.
I am getting 7 – 9 hours of unbroken sleep every night and find I’m waking up (usually just before the alarm) full of energy to face the day, and with no need for naps during the day.
Jason’s seminar was so inspirational, and a comment he made about knowing people who have ‘stopped living’ really hit home. I stopped living at the age of 25 when I became ill, and thanks to you guys at 34 I feel alive again, and plan to keep living every moment of my Juicy lifestyle to the full from here on in, including any wobbles or challenges!!”

Laura Corbett

“I have saved my spare copies of the ‘Super Juice Me’ documentary to pass on to my healthcare team at the ‘Chronic Fatigue service’ when I go back for my 3 month check – the ‘Nutrition’ talk on an 8 week course I did to help ‘manage’ the illness in Oct last year left a lot to be desired. You never know, having the opportunity to watch the DVD may help more people like me!
Other good news is, that thanks to my new juicy lifestyle I have decided I feel well enough to go back to work (having had to give up work in Nov 2012 due to my then ‘mystery’ illness!). It was so exciting to update my CV last night and my fingers are crossed that I’ll find something soon. Then I can start introducing even more new people to the joys of juicing!”

“Thank you once again for your continued support and drive to spread the juicy word!”*