We spoke to Laura Gairn about her incredible juicing experience after taking on Jason’s Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Challenge

At the beginning of 2015, amongst the need to lose a few pounds I was getting frustrated with various health issues. I had a number of allergies; most of which were not going anywhere but many were minor. I have suffered from insomnia for a number of years now, I have really bad knees (currently pending an operation) and more recently I have had issues with my breathing. I have even been checked for sleep apnea.”

“During the 28 days not only have I lost 18.3 pounds – 8.3kg, a total of 16.5 inches including 5 from my hips and 3.5 from my waist. I am down 3% body fat and lowered my BMI by 2 points!”

“I have now had a full month of unwoken sleep from neither insomnia or breathing issues! My dust allergies and hayfever have almost disappeared. My knees, although they do need some human intervention, have been able to with stand more exercise and my skin has become clearer! Overall I couldn’t be happier with my results.”


“I said from the start ‘if it doesn’t change anything I haven’t lost anything by doing it’ and actually by taking part in the Super Juice Me! plan I have not only lost (pounds) I have changed the way I think, behave and live!”

“Thank you so much Jason for all the recipes, videos and Juicy inspiration. I have truly been Super Juiced!”

“I am now spreading the word and I have given my DVD to my Dad and his wife so they can begin their juicy journey.”*