This fantastic testimonial from Louise Teasdale tells her story of discovering the 7-Day Juice Challenge and how she now feels holiday ready…

I was recommended to try the 7lbs in 7 Days plan by a friend, as she had been to Jason’s retreat, Juicy Oasis in Portugal and said that it had really worked for her. I thought I’ll try it this week and if it works, I’ll do it again the week before I go away on holiday at the end of the month.”


I downloaded the app, got the book on my Kindle and started reading straight away. The next day I bought my first ever juicer, shopped for my produce online and started on the Monday– I was totally in the zone! I was so focused and did everything to the book (well, app). I did my normal hour run no problem while I watched Super Juice Me. I found Sunday was perhaps the easiest day, as I knew it was the last day. I say easiest but I didn’t really struggle all week. I was really over the moon and flabbergasted when I weighed myself on day 8 and found I’d lost 9lb!

“I feel like my body has had a good clean and I feel so much happier with it. I’ve tried a dress on, which was too tight before and it fits perfectly now!”

“I still have a little more weight to lose and I keep remembering what Jason said to ‘retrain your thoughts to think: I can have it but I’m choosing not to’. Well, now I am choosing to and I feel so much happier with my decision. I’m now moving on to do JJM. I feel like if this works, I have actually turned a corner and will say goodbye to yo-yo dieting and actually keep control of my weight– for my holiday and beyond. Thank you for helping me to do this!”*