This amazing testimonial from Maria Harding tells her account of Jason’s 5 Day Juice Challenge and how it has changed her health for the better…

“I came across juicing accidentally really! At the start of the month I decided it was time to stop smoking and after cutting down for a couple of days I discovered Jason’s stop smoking in 2 hours app. It worked amazingly and I’ve been smoke free for 15 days with no desire to smoke again 🙂 After that huge success I decided to look into Jason Vale a bit more and found out about his juicing plans. I didn’t really have any concerns about my weight but knew I needed to improve my diet.”

“I found the 5 Day Juice Challenge really easy to follow. Considering I have never really eaten vegetables I didn’t find the taste of any of the juices too difficult and I got a few surprises about things I actually like! The only thing I would do differently if I were to repeat the plan would be to do it when I’m not on school holidays (I’m a teacher!) as I had too much time to think about things and my boredom was making me crave like mad in the beginning!”


“In terms of results I lost an amazing 10lbs taking me from 9 stone down to 8 stone 4. I haven’t used my asthma inhaler once since starting the plan, even when exercising! I have also had far more energy and feel more alert and motivated. The only thing that hasn’t really improved is my skin. I’m still covered in spots but there’s probably 23 years worth of gunk to clear out so I’m not surprised I’m not seeing the benefit of that yet!”

“I have tried to convert my boyfriend although at the minute he’s just enjoying blasting everything in the juicer rather than following the plan! My mother’s also interested in juicing to help with her chronic health problems (allergies, asthma, skin problems etc.) My favourite recipe was definitely Berry Banana Crunch. I also really liked Minty Sunshine, Sweet Beet and Pear n Parsnip.”

Thank you for helping me to change my health for the better!”*