We spoke to Matt Edwards about how juicing has completely changed the way he sees food and nutrition…

How did you get into juicing?

I got into juicing (and Jason’s books) through a woman I met in the summer, she is a Zumba and Pilate’s teacher and juiced for the added energy for work, I couldn’t believe how soft her skin was and how bright her eyes were, especially for a 39 year old woman (her name is Sally BTW), she juiced daily and one day a week had a juice only day. She shared the juices with me and I never tasted one I didn’t like.

After we split-up I was still following my unhealthy daily drinking of red wine (mostly to excess) and coffee several times during the day, and that’s before I mention the several take aways a week.

Despite of this bad diet, I went to the gym 3-4 times a week and maintained a weight just below 14 stone, I was 15 stone 6 pounds this time last year so I still thought I was doing OK.

A few weeks back while doing a bit of soul searching and re assessing my life I decided that my health should be the first thing I address and if I am healthy and full of energy then work would become easier as I would be more focused and full of energy.

What programme did you follow?

So I purchased “7lbs in 7 Days”, read a 100 pages on the Saturday, felt totally inspired and planned my shopping list for the Sunday, I also kept a daily diary of how I was feeling mentally and physically.

For the first 3 days I suffered headaches during the day (I assumed caffeine withdrawal) and heart palpitations in the evening, around the time when I would start drinking, 7-30pm until about 10pm, I have suffered these for years though always thought it was stress related, but I have never had them as bad as I did for the first 3 days! My heart rate got to about 170 BPM and after an hour my left arm ached and I nearly took myself to A&E in fear that I was having a heart attack!.

Anyway I stuck with it and although I was craving food I was determined, the headaches and palpitations have now passed, although I still get a slight headache for the first half and hour when waking.

My results, being a regular gym goer I know that weight is not the true judge of body shape and changes.

  • Start weight 13st 12lbs – Finish 13 stone
  • Start chest 41″ – Finish 40 “
  • Start Waist 37″ – Finish 35.5″
  • Start Hips 39.5″ – Finish 38″
  • Start Body fat 29% – Finish 25%

After reading and finishing in a day the Turbo charge your life in 14 days, Juicing has completely changed my life and my attitude to what I put in my body, I can’t stop telling people about my amazing transformation and how beneficial their live’s would be by making even small changes to their diet.

Its now 11 days since I started the plan, I am still alcohol and caffeine free, I juice for breakfast and lunch and have a wild rice based dinner with either chicken or steamed fish and veg.

What’s your favourite juice?

I love the ‘Turbo Express’ and the ‘Lemon Ginger Zinger’. the ‘Sherbet Lemonade’ is lovely and even better if you add a splash of sparkling mineral water, I made it for my eleven year old daughter and only had Braeburn apples left, it looked like a tequila sunrise, she loved it.

Lemon Ginger Zinger Recipe:


  • 2 carrots
  • 2 apples
  • 1 inch slice of lemon – where possible, wax free and with rind
  • ¼ inch of fresh ginger
  • 2 ice cubes

Juicing Instructions:

Simply juice the lot and pour over ice!

Why is this good for me?

This juice is rich in vitamin C, which helps sweep up free radicals and keeps tissues strong and healthy. The citric acid and ginger are wonderful at eliminating toxins from the body and aiding digestion. Ginger is also a natural antibiotic and one of nature’s supreme decongestants.

This juice is full of dietary fibre, thanks to the simple apple, which oozes vitamins and minerals as well as being terrific for overall cleansing of the system.

This juice simply zings the taste buds as well as the liver.