We spoke to Nigel Rousell about his incredible journey during the Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Challenge and how kicking the sugar worked in more ways than one…

Well I finished the 28 day Super Juice Me! Challenge and the results speak for themselves…”

“I wanted to ensure that at 53 years the next half of my life was a healthier one. I always have had an active job, that allowed me to get away with eating crap– but now I have retired and daily life is not as active as the ‘middle age spread’ arrived and took hold. So having done a 7-Day Juice Challenge earlier last year, I decided this January that I needed to break my sugar addiction. So I Super Juiced! myself and at the same time I read Jason’s book ‘Freedom from the Diet Trap. This helped focus the mind and keep out the terrorists. Anyway, after days 3-5 it got easy and I continued to prepare evening meals for my wife and son without a crumb breaking the seal.”

My stats:*

Start weight: 224.9lb (102kg)
Belly: 43”
Finish weight: 197lb (89.4kg)
Belly: 39”
Total lost: 27.9lb (or 12.6kg)

“Effectively I have lost over 12 bags of sugar. GET IN THERE!”



“Thank you to Jason and the team for making this possible

To find out more about Jason’s Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Challenge please visit: www.superjuiceme.com