We spoke to Paul Sellick who described his amazing journey following The World’s Biggest Juice Detox and beyond…

“*I completed the 28 day plan in January with the other 50,000, lost 35lbs and got to my goal weight. I’ve been maintaining since then, juicing during the day and eating a healthy meal in the evening.

Since I started juicing I have obviously benefited from weight loss but equally as important I have also felt more benefits.”

“I have fibromyalgia and thus far:

  1. With juicing and the aid of acupuncture treatments I have gone from daily chronic headaches to vertually no headaches, last one over three weeks ago.
  2. The pain in my ankles that I have had for over two years ( getting worse as time marched on) the pain that used to make me hobble down the stairs every morning has completely gone.
  3. My back pain that has been a constant companion for years ( decades) has gone.
  4. I put my socks on standing up
  5. I no longer crave junk food ( well very rarely ) and if I do, it soon passes or I at least I have an arsenal of healthy options to replace it with.
  6. Chronic fatigue was another constant companion of mine and had been getting worse. I am still tired most of the time but not to the extreme levels that I was, the one thing the has really changed are my energy levels I have so much more get up and go.
  7. Skin has improved
  8. My entire wardrobe of fat clothes has gone to a better place (mainly the charity shops ) and the bin, and are being replaced by cloths that fit. I have gone from a 36/38 inch waist to a 32/34 inch waist.”


Need I carry on?! Life is good, health wise; the future has a future. I no longer take any medication and look forward to ever increasing health.*”