Need some juicy inspiration this week? Then read the incredible testimonial from Portia Russell who started her amazing juicing journey after attending Jason's seminar last January...

So where do I begin. I guess my story started back to when I was 5 years old at primary school when I found I was larger then the other kids. I was advised to go on the Weight Watchers diet – yes at this age! Time went by and it didn’t seem to be working. I was still fat. Then came Slimming World, The Cambridge Atkins, The Cabbage Diet – yes I done them all!

My dad started juicing making his own recipes and following Jason’s plans, he gave me books but being dyslexic I never read them. Christmas came last year and I thought I’d get my usual present of perfume, but instead I got a voucher ticket to a juicing seminar 2 days before my birthday. After a whole day listening to this guy (Jason vale) on stage explaining how diet coke was terrible for me when all these years they said I could drink as much as I liked and how most things in the super market was bad for me. I started juicing the very next day regardless of my birthday.

So for the last year I’ve NOT been on a diet– I don’t even weigh myself anymore. I go to the gym 3 times a week, play netball once a week, juice 80% and allow myself to be bad 20% of the time. I recommend it to everyone I know as now I free from the diet trap !!!!