Sarah Haywood tells us all about how juicing on the 28-Day Super Juice Me! Challenge has changed her life following a painful ailment (seborrheic dermatitis) that struck the previous year…

“2014 was an incredibly stressful year and at the end of October I think I internally combusted, as the skin on my face started to become incredibly dry and it only got worse, it was cracked, red sore across both eyes, swollen and patches of red all over my face and ONLY on my face.”

“I just couldn’t understand what was going on and even to put water on my face I just wanted to scream or cry, it was that painful. I even decided not to go to a leaving party because I just literally couldn’t show my face. I covered the best I could and initially hoped it would go, but it didn’t and I went to the doctor who diagnosed seborrheic dermatitis. This normally affects the hair apparently but it can affect the face and I was gutted, it made me feel so self conscious and only added to how stressed I felt. I was given hydrocortisone cream but it brought up tiny blood spots on my skin, I felt this wasn’t ever going and the doctor pretty much said this was just about reducing it and maintaining.”


“After receiving a natural oatmeal face wash from a friend that really helped, I was starting to think there was something in ‘using nature to help me’. The oatmeal face wash gave me hope and what’s more my parents juice and they gave me their juicer – what could I possibly have to lose?”

“So I took a photo of myself day 1 of the 28-Day Super Juice Me! Challenge back in January. I had so many ‘you’re so brave’ comments­ (great) and even my 6 year old son said to ‘Mum your skin wasn’t like this in summer’ he kept trying to come up with ways to make it better – even kisses bless him.”

“I am pleased to say I finished the 28-day Super Juice Me! plan and I lost 24lbs which was and is AMAZING, my skin had started to clear up but it wasn’t quite there so with belief in hand I downloaded Jason’s free ‘Skin Deep Plan’ and so many people have said I can’t believe how amazing your skin looks, there are NO signs of the seborrheic dermatitis…none! I am so happy. I hope this can give others hope in similar situations.”

“Please, please, please ‘Believe’ and don’t give up hope*”