We spoke to Sheila Robinson who told us about her original 14-Day Juice Diet – which she decided to extend to 3 juicy weeks. Here’s what she discovered…

After completing the 14-Day Juice Diet and extending to 21 days I am very excited to be sharing my results and a few pics from day 19!”

My Stats:*

Total Weight lost: 16lbs
Waist Reduced – 2.75″
Hips Reduced – 2.5″
Ribs Reduced – 1.5″
Thigh Reduced – 1″
Arms Reduced – 0.75″


Sheila Robinson 2


“Plus not to mention the eczema improvement, glowing skin, no IBS issues and overall amazing calmness and peaceful feeling.

Thank you for your wonderful comments and support you and the juicy team have provided me during this 21-day juice journey. The coaching and SOS videos on the app have been a lifesaver and kept me focused. Week 3, as Jason said, is the lonely week and boy was he right!

I did the 7-day plan last year and lost 10lbs then, but found the detox withdrawals difficult every day. So for this years challenge I signed up for 14 days but said I would see how I felt after 7 days and low and behold, the amazing recipes and going completely organic meant the withdrawals were over by day 2 and felt so great I carried on for 21 days! I am so chuffed!”*


Sheila Robinson 1


Jason Vale you are a true inspiration to a healthy mind, body and soul. THANK YOU!”*

To find out more about Jason’s Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan please visit: www.superjuiceme.com