Super Juice Me! The 28-Day Juice Plan

“The most effective juice diet in the world”* Hello! Magazine

Super Juice Me! 28-Day Plan Book

Totally transform your health with Jason Vale’s ‘Super Juice Me! 28-day plan’

The results at the end of the groundbreaking and critically acclaimed film, ‘Super Juice Me! – The Big Juice Experiment’ were nothing short of remarkable, with every person experiencing positive changes to their health. One person even lost 38lbs in those 28 days*. Jason Vale’s ‘Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan’ comes off the back of those incredible results and has been specifically designed for those who need to lose a lot of weight and/or who need to make considerable changes to their health.


“I have been Super Juiced! 61.5lbs lost and I feel AMAZING!”*
(Charlie Green)


“My acne has gone, improved my food addictions and I feel confident in myself.“*
(Cheyenne Badder)


“Worth every penny……. Absolutely love this app……. Wealth of information and so easy to use…..”*
(Svetlana Egorova)

Super Juice Me! 28-Day Plan App

Number 1 best-selling juicing author, Jason Vale, brings you his most comprehensive and life-changing juice plan to date as an app.

App Includes

  • All the recipes (as videos, text and pictures)
  • Weekly coaching videos
  • Weekly ‘SOS’ emergency videos
  • What to do after the you’ve been “Super Juiced”
  • The shopping list for the week (week by week shopping)
  • Over 2 hours of videos by Jason


Super Juice Me! 28-Day Plan eBook

Super Juice Me! 28-Day Plan book is also available as an eBook, available on Apple iBooks or Amazon Kindle.

The book contains: The Full ‘Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan’, the 28-Day Journal To Track Your Progress, The Right Psychology For Success, Why Medical Drugs Aren t Always The Answer, Exactly What To Do After You ve Been Super Juiced!, a Full Q&A Section plus a Full Shopping List And Much More ..


Download on Amazon Kindle

Super Juice Me! Film

What happens when you put 8 people with 22 different health conditions on nothing but freshly extracted juice for 28-Days?

Number 1 best-selling health author, Jason Vale, found out in this incredibly moving, inspiring and ground-breaking documentary…the results may surprise you!

Featuring Experts:
Dr Dwight Lundell, Dr Malcolm Kendrick, James Colquhoun, Jon Gabriel, Jay Kordich, Cherie Calbom, Charlotte Gerson and more…

Wall Planner

The brand new Super Juice Me! 28-Day Juice Plan on a handy wall planner & Shopping List. Get all the recipes and plan plus what to buy on what day – super easy to get SUPER JUICED!

FREE Shopping List

A handy shopping guide for all the produce you need to get Super Juiced!

Get It Delivered

56 delicious juices over 14 days delivered frozen straight to your door.

The 14 Day Diet is the first 2 weeks of the ‘Super Juice Me!’ plan (which repeat), so if you would like to complete a full 28 days of juicing you can simply order this one twice. There are an amazing 20 different recipes so you’re never going to be bored with your juices! Included are Ginger Shots AND Natural Electrolyte shots, plus a bottle of Juice Master ‘s High Potency friendly bacteria to accompany each week of the diet. The diet will be delivered in two separate weekly deliveries, so that you don’t have to store the full 56 juices.