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I’m down 8.6kg and lost 3% body fat!
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Here’s a bit about my Super Blend Me! challenge that my best friend fiona and I did together. My mum, … Read More

We spoke to Donna Mortimer who’s embarking on a 60 day juice only diet…
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Read the first instalment of our diary with Donna Mortimer who is embarking on a 60 day juicing diet… How … Read More

“I have lost an incredible 37.5lbs since juicing and I am getting rid of my addictions!”
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We spoke to Karen Bartleet who told us about her incredible 7-month juicing journey that has meant she has lost … Read More

My stomach is flatter! I have more Energy and people keep telling my skin looks great
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We spoke to Dawn Shooter who told us she’s never felt better since embarking on a juicing and healthy eating … Read More

“I feel more alive, younger and I’m 11lbs down”
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We spoke to Claire Yates who told us that since she visited Juicy Mountain her whole outlook on food and nutrition … Read More